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  • Doug Wilson becoming master of revision for San Jose Sharks
    Doug Wilson becoming master of revision for San Jose Sharks
    After an epic choke by the San Jose Sharks in the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs, general manager Doug Wilson promised big changes. Those seem nothing more than hollow threats after David Pollak of the San Jose Mercury News aptly outlined the GM "...
  • Renovate or Rebuild?
    Settling the renovate vs. rebuild debate
    Whether to renovate or rebuild your home can be a practical and an emotional decision. Just on the surface, it might seem like remodeling your home is better than recycling your old home and rebuilding a new home, but is that really the case? If...
  • South Side Struggles
    Do the White Sox need a washing?
    In 2012, the Chicago #White Sox were a surprise team. They were not expected to compete for a division championship, but ended up leading much of the season. It was not until a bad final month of the season where the Sox ran out of detergent and...
  • Maintenance Engineer
    Maintenance Engineer, Rockford Products, Rockford, IL
    Rockford Products was formed in 1929 as Rockford Screw, with a total of 16 employees, in a 12,000 ft, factory. They manufactured cold formed components at the time.The Maintenance Engineer would report to the Plant Manager. The position would...
  • Time to re-examine foreign aid
    Time to re-examine foreign aid
    America has a generous foreign aid budget. In the history of the world no other country has come close to the humanity, the generosity or the respect for fellow human beings as the United States of America.We are the first to come with money and...
  • Rebuild
    Rebuild: Zombie Horde
    Rebuild ($2.99, Universal) is an apocalyptic strategy, survival game from developer Northway Games. The premise of the game is to rebuild a once great city amongst a zombie infested environment. The game is played out in a strategy type style. As...
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