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  • Preterm birth rate on the decline in the US
    Preterm birth rate on the decline in the US
    A new study has found that the rate of preterm birth in the US has declined for the first time in more than two decades. The study authors, from Columbia University in New York, NY, set out to determine the underlying factors in this decrease. The...
  • The True Artist
    Five Reasons Writing is Better Than Laziness
    So here I am at home, sitting in my room, it's freezing outside, the thumb-sticks of my PS3 are worn to nubs, reruns on the television, and I'm bored to tears. Then I thought,"Hey! Remember that time that website paid you to write...
  • President Obama
    5 simple reasons why voters don't cast ballots on Election Day
    In election after election, whether it is at the local, state or federal level, you constantly learn of record-low voter turnout. Usually, this is contributed to voter apathy, but is there something more than just the electorate being indifferent...
  • Laptop
    6 reasons to start using online bill payment
    With the advent of online banking, mobile phone applications and automatic deductions from your chequing account or credit card, the process of paying your bills at your branch, at the store or in the mail is no longer needed.Since 2010, the...
  • Loonie
    Budget Failures: 10 reasons why your budget isn't working (Video)
    No one ever said budgeting is easy. Budgeting, and sticking to it, is difficult to do, especially if it’s something you have never done. For avid spenders, they are bound to come across a few hiccups during the travel to prosperity and...
  • Homeschool Fun
    Why should I homeschool?
    Let's talk about about reasons why we SHOULD homeschool. My reasons for homeschooling stem from (1) the public school teachers not being able to teach from a creative standpoint, (2) the “other” children’s influences, (3) the...
  • America's Got Talent
    Understanding the anger at Vegas Week: an introduction
    This week is Vegas Week on America's Got Talent, which traditionally concludes with a lot of anger, frustration, and promises to stop watching AGT forever.That is because the judges have a tradition of their own which dates just as far back as...
  • Canned Good Rotation Shelves
    Reasons your family needs food storage
    Since the turn of the millennium there have been an unprecedented number of disasters. Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, The Great Recession, 9/11 and more have all caused death and heartache on our beloved Earth. Some people lost...
  • Better Off Switch
    Top Ten Reasons Why Obama Will Probably Lose in 2012
    After repeated and devastatingly radical administrative moves over the past three years, the defining note in the final year for Obama’s term is the fact that there will be an election held in a relatively scant, eight months. This led us to...
  • Getting Up At Seven In The Morning
    Time to pay back that sleep debt!
    Imagine walking around all day carrying a backpack loaded with bricks. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? That is the analogy many use when describing a sleep debt.Every person has an ideal amount of sleep he or she needs. Staying up extra late...
  • Everyone is your friend for a reason
    Everyone is your friend for a reason
    Whether you’re funny, sociable, attractive, represent status, or maybe you’re on a mission. Your friendship was chosen for a reason. Do you know why your friends chose you?Did you ever think that some people want to be your friend just...
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