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  • Vault of Glass Raid - Destiny
    Destiny launches 'Vault of Glass' raid, makes game even more addictive
    In a word, Destiny is addictive. In two, it’s insanely addictive. That was before developer Bungie decided to launch the game’s first raid, ”Vault of Glass”, only a week after dropping the title across all major consoles....
  • Raid hydroponic gardeners in April
    Raid hydroponic gardeners in April
    Beware April, the month in which state police and sheriff deputies make raids on gardeners who buy equipment and suppliesto grow plants and vegetables indoors, and especially April 20th, the day that marijuana users celebrate the cannabisplant...
  • Federal police
    Feds raid Detroit businesses in food stamp fraud investigation
    At shortly after 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, the USDA and supporting uniformed agencies raided several businesses operating near the Eastern Market in Detroit. The incursions were part of an investigation into E.B.T., or food stamp, fraud.USDA...
  • Pot shop raids
    Medical marijuana dispensaries raided in Washington
    Federal agents executed raids on several medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state on Wednesday, despite voters passing a ballot initiative that legalized small amounts of marijuana last fall.In a brief statement, Jodie Underwood,...
  • Marijuana dispensaries in the Puget Sound are raided by the DEA
    Marijuana dispensaries in the Puget Sound are raided by the DEA
    Komo News began airing the story of the marijuana dispensary raids as they were taking place on July 25, 2013. Spokesperson for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had told the media that the raids were already taking place. As the raids...
  • Eugene patients protest against raids on patient resource centers
    Protests against medical marijuana raids Friday at 5:30pm
    In response to coordinated raids targeting medical marijuana activists in Medford and Eugene, supporters have coordinated protests in each city at 5:30 pm Friday evening.The Medford protest will take place at Medford City Hall located at 411 W 8th...
  • Portland Criminal Defense Laywer Leland Berger
    Raids on patient resource centers target activists for medical marijuana
    Early Thursday morning, 70 officers from various local, county, state and federal agencies participated in coordinated raids investigating what they claimed were “drug trafficking organizations” selling marijuana out of storefronts in...
  • President Obama
    Obama needs to secure his lures
    President Obama is a natural at garnering support. Just look at what he accomplished during his 2008 campaign. His problem is maintaining that support.By dangling the hope of marijuana law reform – or at the least, respecting state marijuana...
  • Dallas WFAA: John Wiley Price FBI investigation takes 'confusing' arty turn
    Dallas WFAA: John Wiley Price FBI investigation takes 'confusing' arty turn
    Update: Got dirt on John Wiley Price FBI case? CLICK HERE - Dallas morning news is calling for snitches and has set up a website to anonymously provide information. WFAA Dallas breaking news reported that up to 6 FBI agents arrived at...
  • Arpaio uses tear gas
    Arpaio, tear gas and more raids
    Controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio promised that he will “soon” be launching a massive operation against human smuggling and drug trafficking, as these criminal activities have become “out of control.”Maricopa County Sheriff...
  • BigGuns.jpg
    Arpaio on 16th immigration sweep; takes out the 'big gun'
    A belt-fed .50 caliber machine gun used during Arpaio's 16th crime sweep in Arizona's desert on July 15, 2010. Image source: abc.15.comThe Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched its 16th crime and immigration sweep in a stretch of desert in...
  • ice-raid.jpg
    ICE arrests 43 in Fullerton's raid
    File photo. Google images.Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents conducted a raid at a Fullerton manufacturing plant early Tuesday, taking 43 people into custody.At about 8:30 a.m., Federal agents executed a search warrant at Terra Universal...
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