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  • Syria cemetery in Suruc, on the Turkey-Syria border
    Montreal police fear two young women have become slaves for jihadist fighters
    Today, Jan. 23, 2015, the Toronto Sun reports that, “two Montreal women, ages 18 and 19, were reported missing by their families in November and Canadian authorities believe they have joined Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.”An alarming...
  • Black lives matter
    #BlackLivesMatter is becoming radicalized
    Let's face facts: The Black Lives Matter movement, if it can be called a movement, was a sham from the beginning. Far more blacks die in this country at the hands of other blacks than as a result of run-ins with law enforcement. The decisions...
  • British Soldier Lee Rigby
    Gruesome UK killing again draws spotlight on integration of Muslims in Europe
    The gruesome murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in the Woolwich section of London a week ago by a small band of radical Islamist individuals (apparently acting on their own initiative) has once again drawn attention to the issue of the...
  • Boston Bombing victims speaks on his recovery from Hospital
    Boston Bombings and Radicalization of Average Joes !
    As the investigation of the Boston marathon bombings was unraveling, like most Muslims around the country, my first thoughts were also, “let it not be a Muslim”. Why? Well, as a Muslim woman who wears a hijab, it meant the fear of a...
  • Education Reform in Indonesia Likely to Backfire
    Education reform in Indonesia likely to backfire
    The decision by the Indonesian government to radically alter its current primary school curriculum by replacing science with classes focused on religion and courses that strengthen nationalism will have a generational impact that may prove to make...
  • Chicago Muslim David Coleman Headley
    Thursday's Radicalization hearing will focus on Chicago's American Muslims
    On Thursday, March 10, the first of several House Homeland Security Committee hearings into the threat of homegrown Islamic terrorism will begin.The Committee Chair Rep. Peter King called for the controversial hearings on the radicalization of the...
  • Rep. Peter King.
    Congressman King’s new McCarthyism
    In today’s Newsday OpEd New York Rep. Peter King announced his election by the House Republican Conference to chair the Homeland Security Committee, and his intention to hold hearings on “the radicalization of American Muslim community...
  • resized_BeirutEmbassyBombing.jpg
    Muslim youth and islamic radicalization
    The recent arrests in Ottawa of persons allegedly involved in a terror plot turn one’s mind to the arrest in 2006 of the Toronto 18, as they are now known, and raises the issue of whether there is the need to be worried about Muslim youth...
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