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  • A Papered Purebred Matiff
    Dog and cat registries
    There are hundreds of dog and cat registries throughout the world andseveral dog registries in the Milwaukee area. These organizations record breeder and breeding information. They range from purebred to mixed and exotic lines. They do not...
  • Little Ice, dumped in high kill shelter
    Precious white boxer puppy to die in Texas
    Garland, TX: This adorable little munchkin is in huge danger at very high-kill Garland Animal Services.Only 2 months old, Ice was dumped by his owner at the Garland facility. The shelter is full and babies are in dire peril.Please consider saving...
  • nose
    Crufts 2012
    Most international dog shows do not get the attention that Crufts receives. It's the big one, especially this year.I've previously written about the so called documentary, Purebred Paradox, which claimed to be an expose of dog breeding but...
  • Puppies saved, but momma left to die in Jackson, Tennessee
    Puppies saved, but momma left to die in Jackson, Tennessee
    This lovely American Bulldog is about to be killed in Jackson, Tennessee today. Her life is literally ticking away. Why, because someone saved her puppies and left her to die.She is located at the facility in Jackson-Madison, phone number 731-668...
  • tex_vet_dog2.jpg
    Dog shows & non-profits working together in Houston
    What does a dog show have to do with serious canine rescue and re-homing efforts? Next week in Houston dozens of dog rescue organizations will have booths alongside show rings, Animal Planet exhibits, national television cameras and high-end dog...
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