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  • RIP Silent Hills
    RIP Silent Hills
    Sad news comes recently as it looks like gamers will not be heading back into the ash-laden foggy world of Silent Hill, as Konami announces that they will not be completing their work on the beautifully designed and thoughtfully casted Silent...
  • Silent Hills gets new creepy concept trailer
    'Silent Hills' gets new creepy concept trailer
    Silent Hills is looking like it just might be the horror game of the decade if a new concept trailer that surfaced on Thursday is any indication. The game, helmed by Hideo Kojima with help from Guillermo del Toro has already gotten a creepy...
  • P.T.
    That P.T. PS4 demo you downloaded? It's the new Silent Hill
    Hideo Kojima and Sony are so sly. During Sony's Gamescom 2014 Press Conference, an interactive demo was released called P.T. and it showed a bunch of random people's scared reactions. The game was available for download immediately so this...
  • Chocolatito is a big time snuggler
    Help find a permanent home for Chocolatito
    Presenting Chocolatito (AKA Scooter), who is currently being fostered at Two Hands Four Paws, one of the premiere veterinary physical therapy (PT) facilities in Los Angeles. Leslie McMahon, CCMT, CCRT is the founder and president of Two Hands Four...
  • Integrative medicine
    Acupuncture by many names
    An interesting thing is happening across the country in regards to acupuncture. Despite continued calls from some sectors of the scientific medical community that acupuncture is not supported by enough scientific research, various medical...
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