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  • 'In a Starry State' by The Great Depression
    The Great Depression - 'In a Starry State'
    Midwestern experimental songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and recording artists The Great Depression released their latest album, In a Starry State, at the end of 2014. As I understand it, the band’s Starry State endeavor is their first...
  • 13th Floor Elevators
    '60s psychedelic rockers 13th Floor Elevators reunite for May performance
    On Feb. 12, the "Austin Chronicle" announced that the influential, ’60s psychedelic rock band, 13th Floor Elevators, will reunite to play the “Levitation” festival, which takes place May 8-10 in Austin, Texas.This...
  • Yellow Submarine
    YELLOW SUBMARINE is a classic psychedelic head trip
    In the town where I was born, 
Lived a man who sailed to sea, 
And he told us of his life,
 In the land of submarines…So begins George Dunning’s kaleidoscopic tale of the voyage of the Yellow Submarine, based on the ever-popular song...
  • The Amazon Basin
    The Amazon Basin and its stories: A review of "One River" by Wade Davis
    A popular quote from Mark Twain, "truth is stranger than fiction", more or less sums up the content of this book. A blend of mythology and history, a confluence of adventure and scientific enquiry, of magic and reality, of splendors and...
  • The Adventure into Hyperspace
    Adventure into Hyperspace: a review of 'True Hallucination' by Terence Mckenna
    While ‘The Archaic Revival’ is the manifestation of Terence Mckenna’s revolutionary ideas, ‘True Hallucination’ provides an almost mythic tale of his adventure to the initial discovery of those ideas. “Mythic...
  • The Elfish Mind
    The elfish mind: A review of 'The Archaic Revival' by Terence Mckenna
    All that can be said to someone who are willing to creep into the elfish mind of Terence Mckenna before reading this book is: Brace yourself! For the weeping waves of weird ideas are just a few pages ahead. Starting with the preface by Tom Robbins...
  • The Black Keys
    The Black Keys release their psychedelic new song 'Turn Blue'
    Black and blues never felt so good.The Black Keys released their second track, “Turn Blue,” off their anticipated eight-studio album with the same name.On Monday, April 14, the band posted an audio version of "Turn Blue," on...
  • "Wonderwall"
    Review: 'Wonderwall' the film: Turn on, tune in, drop out
    “Wonderwall,” which will be re-released on DVD and Blu-ray March 25 by Shout Factory, is one of those curious films that only could have been made in the '60s.The story centers around the eccentric professor Collins (Jack MacGowran...
  • Samples of LSA
    Can LSD help terminal patients?
    A Swiss psychiatrist has just published the results of a small study on the use of the extremely potent hallucinogen LSD to reduce anxiety in terminally ill patients. The International Business Times reported on March 5 that Dr. Peter Gasser has...
  • The English Language - This is Science/Rock & Roll
    The English Language blinds with 'This is Science/Rock & Roll'
    I’ve written before about the crucial steps of a band’s second release. About the necessary evolution that’s required from album #2. San Jose’s, The English Language, barges to the plate, splaying out the world before them,...
  • Lousy With Sylvianbriar
    “Lousy With Sylvianbriar” finds Kevin Barnes shedding a sexed-up alter ego
    Perhaps Georgie Fruit got to be too much for Of Montreal mastermind Kevin Barnes to handle. Surely, such an alter ego would have crushed most of us mere mortals far sooner. Ever since the epic midpoint of Of Montreal’s 2007 masterstroke,...
  • Ten Best Movies To Watch Stoned
    Ten Best Movies To Watch Stoned
    There are certain criteria that you must look for before you watch a movie stoned. Will it make you laugh? Will the music be right for you? Will the graphics come out and grab you? Finally, if it's a horror movie will it make you scream or pee...
  • Album Cover for Wampire's 2013 Debut Album Curiosity
    Next time you stargaze, listen to "Magic Light" by Wampire
    One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go outside at night, lie on my back, and stare up at the night sky. I used to do this as a kid, and I still do this as an adult. Since Philadelphia has FINALLY had a break from the nasty weather,...
  • John Cipollina
    Classic Quicksilver, Squeeze concert downloads free this week at Concert Vault
    Vintage concerts by Quicksilver Messenger Service and Squeeze are the featured free downloads for members this week starting Wednesday at the Concert Vault, a spokesman told Vintage Rock 'n' Roll Examiner July 22.The Quicksilver Messenger...
  • Album Cover
    Corrupt Autopilot: 'Oh No!' (2012)
    "Oh No!" by Corrupt Autopilot is a Indie Rock- Power Pop album.Most selections on the record are very fast paced driving pieces, expect a lot of grungy distortion, but expect it to be under control, and mixed well with other cleaner...
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