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  • Delaying a game that's not finished is a good thing.
    'Drive Club' officially delayed; releasing early 2014
    Earlier this week, rumors started circulating that "Drive Club," Sony's entry into next-generation racing games, would be delayed till early 2014. Although official confirmation was painfully avoided by the games developers, more and...
  • Deals this week
    August Playstation Plus Deals: Hitman Absolution tomorrow
    At the beginning of every month the Playstation Blog posts the new Playstation Plus (PS+) deals for that month. Today, August 5th, the Playstation Blog posted the deals for August which start tomorrow when the Playstation Store updates.To start...
  • Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward screenshot
    PlayStation Plus battle: Final round of June, 2013
    As the month of June approaches the end, the two regions gear up for their final space race launches. NA currently has a lead, with the EU having sat back and watched the past week, but will they be able to achieve space dominance?NA starts off...
  • Shadow of the Colossus screenshot
    PlayStation Plus battle: Final round of May, 2013
    With NA having achieved air dominance by winning three of this month's battles, they have little to fear from the EU... Or so they think. Despite the fact that the EU cannot achieve victory in the skies, they launch off for one final,...
  • Playstation
    Gaikai reborn: Playstation Cloud registered
    With the possible announcement of the Playstation 4 set for tomorrow, domain names referring to an online streaming service called the Playstation Cloud have been found. Discovered by Twitter user, Superannuation,three domain names have been...
  • Gravity Rush
    PlayStation Plus for PS Vita has arrived
    PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for a treat, because you can now download six new games for the PlayStation Vita with your current PlayStation Plus subscription. Sony will roll out free games monthly, so if you are waiting to pick a PS Vita be...
  • PS Plus Deals
    Free 'Double Dragon: Neon' and 'Scott Pilgrim' games for PS Plus members
    Playstation Plus members have been cleaning up in the free games department lately, and those who aren't PS Plus members or PS3 owners are about to get even more jealous, as two more games have been put on the free list."Double Dragon...
  • Sony PSPlus
    PlayStation partnering with 'leading cloud gaming service' at E3 2012
    The road to E3 2012 has been a long one. With the prospect of new consoles on the horizon, two brand new handhelds trying to claw their way into the market and of course the current generation of hardware still sitting center stage, rumors and...
  • PS Vita
    Why the PS Vita will fail
    The Vita is entering a market dominated by small and cheap games made popular by the iPhone. The portions of the market not dominated by mobile device app stores, Nintendo has a strangle hold on. Nintendo offers the only experiences people can...
  • Playstation Vita
    Last minute Playstation Vita Faqs
    Many Los Angeles area Gamestop locations are doing Midnight Launches for the Playstation Vita tonight along with the Sony store in the Century City Mall, other local retailers will have them available tomorrow morning. If you’re still on the...
  • performance_20100127_2.jpg
    Apple iPad on sale NOW, for Montrealers who can get it
    If you're looking for something REALLY BIG, then this is the day it arrived. Although it isn't scheduled to debut in Canada until late April, Apples new iPad went on general sale this morning in The USA, and Apple-happy Montrealers all over are...
  • explore-image-burgundy.jpg
    Nintendo DSi XL a smash hit at stores across Montreal
    In all the gaming retailers and consumer electronics department stores across Montreal, you can see it. It's here, and it's BIG!! The Nintendo DSi XL has definitely taken its place in consumer electronics and gaming stores across Montreal....
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