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  • Data communications, simplified (part 2)
    Data communications, simplified (part 2)
    The five components of a data communication system – continued…The sender is the device that sends the data message - for example, a computer, workstation, telephone handset, video camera, etc.The receiver is the device that receives...
  • Obama routinely calls British PM David Cameron 'bro'?
    Obama routinely calls British PM David Cameron 'bro'?
    That's what theBritish Prime Minister is claiming. It came up in Monday's White House press briefing. CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett asked Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the claim.One last thing," Garrett says...
  • "Emma Hurring" on "Casting" film set
    Interview with actress Margaret Bishop on recent gigs and film role (Photos)
    On Feb. 19, 2014, actress and model Margaret Bishop, who resides in Cape Coral, Fla., shared about some of her recent acting gigs. One of them included her film role as Emma Hurring in "Casting." Bishop shot this month on location in...
  • UFTA
    Film reading and casting plans announced by UFTA (Photos)
    On Aug. 20, 2013, the United Film & Television Artists announced that there will be another reading for their film, "Casting." The film will soon be cast and shot as well.UFTA President Al Quinn, who resides in Fort Myers, Fla.,...
  • Royal waiting
    Royal baby is overdue
    Is there a political angle to the Royal baby? Well, of course there is if you live in the United Kingdom. As for the USA, it is a matter of a gift, don't you suspect. How about tickets to Disneyland Orlando?There is a lot fuss at this moment...
  • Oval Office
    Chilean President Pinera sits behind desk in Oval Office, breaking protocol
    According to Fox News on Sunday, Sebastian Pinera – the president of Chile – broke standard protocol of foreign leaders visiting the White House by sitting behind the desk at the Oval Office. President Barack Obama’s response was...
  • dr.adam-PARIS Cellulo-Therapie™
    dr.adam PARIS Cellulo-therapie® skin care treatment products are now in the USA
    Are you tired of continual promises? How about a skin care system that gives you a “Protocol” for YOUR skin that really works!I could tell this was going to be a very interesting assignment when I found out I’d be personally...
  • Parasols
    How To Burlesque "Getting Booked"
    You might have a great act, but what if no one sees? Here are a few ways to get booked, and booked again as a performer.1. Be easy to reach once you're contacted. It's not a deal until it's a done deal. It's cool to be professional...
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