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  • SpiesVSatellites
    A proprietary future awaits us?
    With over 500 million ipads sold around the world, it's no wonder that experts are now saying that proprietary computers such as tablets and all-in-one PC's will eventually replace home tower computers as the main 'PC' of the...
  • art013-gfx1.png
    Linux gaming, graphics cards, and binary blobs.
    The selection of graphics cards tends to be a more complex and more important issue for some Linux gamers than users of other operating systems.Users of proprietary operating systems, for the most part, probably do not give much consideration as...
  • art010-gfx2.png
    Osmos: a relaxingly brutal game.
    Some games available for our computers defy description. Osmos, by Hemisphere Games, is one such game available for our Linux systems.Osmos is probably best described as a puzzle game... sort of. The game is certainly not a standard action game,...
  • art007-gfx1.png
    Lugaru[HD], or what do rabbits have to do with werewolves?
    Loup-garou is French for 'werewolf', and is pronounced, phonetically, as 'lugaru'. Lugaru[HD] is also a game from Wolfire Games. Their first commercial computer game, as a matter of fact. Lugaru was one of the games featured in the 'Humble Indie...
  • art05-gfx01(1).png
    Linux-friendly game developers
    Approximately ten years ago, Loki Softwareported several popular games of that time into Linux. The company closed in 2002 due to some errors in management. Today, we have the opportunity to have game developers write native Linux games if they...