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  • Touchjet Pond
    An 80” projected touchscreen – Really???
    When you travel, do you hate leaving your big screen TV behind? What if you could take it with you…no matter where you roam? With the Touchjet Pond, you’ll be able to project an interactive 80” monitor on any flat surface &ndash...
  • Epson Home Cinema 730HD
    A big screen may be your answer to summertime celebrations
    If you still haven't found that perfect gadget for a Father's Day gift, this may be it. It may be a little expensive for a Father's Day gift but just mention big screen and fathers will drool. Besides, it will be perfect entertainment...
  • Epson Cinema 500
    Up the 'fear factor' this Halloween with the Epson Cinema 500 and AtmosFEARfx
    From National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation:Is your house on fire, Clark?Clark Griswold: No, Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights.Are you the "Clark Griswold" of your neighborhood?Do you take pride in decorating your home for...
  • Projecteo
    Love Instagram? You’ll love this retro-fabulous projector
    You love Instagram, or you wouldn’t have read past the title.If you love Instagram, it’s likely (if not 99.99% probable) you love sharing your pictures.But if you want to take your relationship one step further, you might consider...
  • The Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD 720p 3LCD Projector
    Product review: The Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD 720p 3LCD Projector
    Company Product Description ~ Get ready to super-size your digital lifestyle with the MegaPlex MG-850HD portable digital dock projector and speaker combo. This revolutionary product reinvents how you share presentations, slideshows, high-def...
  • Five Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Beautiful and Inviting
    Five Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Beautiful, Inviting and Fun
    Outdoors is the new indoors in Los Angeles, where the latest trend in converting patio spaces to living spaces gives homeowners a whole new place to entertain. But it takes more than just a new deep-seating furniture set and a few votives to make...
  • John Radzilowicz and Starball Jake
    Pittsburgh Area Attractions: Starball Projector
    In 1939 a Zeiss Model II Planetarium projector was installed at the Planetarium in Pittsburgh it weighed 6,000 pounds and was the last of 27 such projectors to come from the Zeiss factory. For the next 55 years it thrilled audiences with shows...
  • Microsoft is letting us type on the wall with Omnitouch
    Microsoft is letting us type on the wall with Omnitouch
    One of the complaints about cellular phones getting smaller is that the buttons are so small that sometimes it is hard to press to dial or send text messages. Well, what if you could project the keypad on to your hand, arm, the nearest wall, or a...
  • A mini LED wifi projector with Linux.
    A Mini LED Wifi Projector
    A mini LED Wifi projector, running Linux OS on bored. It even includes a wireless remote. It does look neat. Does it perform? Who knows. It is a neat concept. It could be used on the Ferry on the way to Seattle. A portable movie theater. This...
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