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    The Hard Truth About Acquiring Your First 100,000 Users
    When running a tech startup you would think the hardest part about building your business is actually creating your product or software. The hard truth is that anyone can learn how to code a website or mobile app and then launch it themselves (or...
  • Republicans likely to win at least 52 seats
    Republicans could win as many as 55 seats in the U.S. Senate
    State Senator Chris McDaniel nearly defeated long time Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran in the primary in that state earlier this week. Falling just short of the 50 percent need to avoid a runoff, McDaniel and Cochran face off in a runoff on June...
  • Curtis Granderson
    2014 Fantasy Projections: New York Mets
    The New York Mets present an interesting opportunity for low-end fantasy grabs in 2014. Looking at their projected starting lineup, there’s not a lot of top tier talent outside of 3B. David Wright ranks as ESPN’s 3rd best 3B and 20th...
  • Vincent Leclerc and projection from "La Belle et la Bete"
    "La Belle et La Bete" a visual feast full of beauty and mystery
    In Brief: Lemieux Pilon 4D Art use high tech projections combined with live actors to create dreamscapes that thrill and amaze. Don't miss a chance to see this breathtaking, breakthrough production. A truly unique theatrical experience.--...
  • The S&P500 bounces off support this past week.
    Stock market preview for the week of October 10, 2012
    Here is thepreview of the coming week on the S&P500 from Traverse City, Michigan.The S&P500 slipped lower in four of the five trading days this past week, dropping 1.33%. The S&P500 has moved lower in 8 of the past ten trading days.The...
  • The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects Social Security age scenarios
    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects Social Security age scenarios
    Have you ever wondered if Social Security will still be available for you when you reach age 62, 65, or 70? That question has finally been answered in a no-spin government assessment by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) where they project...