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How to use formatted printf() in Java

September 28, 2013
The Java PrintStream class includes two methods that perform formatted output: printf() and format(). These methods are equivalent, and they are similar to the printf() function in the C programming language. Here are some examples on how to format output...

How to check your Java version

September 17, 2013
Checking your Java version is easy. The steps are the same whether you are on Windows, Mac OS or Linux. You just need to open a terminal window or command prompt and execute a command. Also remember that you might...

How to sharpen your programming skills

September 1, 2013
Programming is a skill that needs to be developed. The more you practice, the better you will be. Here are some ways to sharpen your programming skills.Free online courses There are many free...

How to create a simple JavaScript test program

August 31, 2013
JavaScript is a scripting language that adds functionality to web pages. It is very easy to write a simple test program in JavaScript. All you need is a web browser and a text editor. Here are the steps to create...

How to use a for loop in Java

August 31, 2013
What is a for loop?A for loop is a programming statement that repeats one or more statements. It typically uses a variable to count the iterations of the loop.Why is a for loop useful?A for loop is...

The basics of Boolean formulae, part 1

August 9, 2013
The essence of our study of mathematical logic concerns the use of logical deductions or proofss within the context of mathematical reasoning. This process is in many respects similar to computer programming(Tourlakis, 2011). The programmer learns the syntax and...

Five characteristics of a good programmer

June 23, 2013
Programming is an exciting and rewarding profession. But to be a successful programmer, you must possess certain skills. Here are five characteristics of a good programmer.1. AdaptabilityTechnology is always evolving. As soon as you master one programming language, a...