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  • The Hulk
    Feelings energize and expand
    How are you feeling in this very moment? I would like you to stop just for a second and be present in your body and to take inventory? Turn off the outside noise and distractions to determine what you are actually feelings. Do you feel healthy or...
  • Merchant account rankings
    Merchant account rankings
    Android Smartphones are the most popular type of smartphone currently sold in America. Since smartphones were introduced to the market several years ago, programmers have been coming up with many new uses for them. One of the most fascinating...
  • 5 Questions about merchant accounts
    5 Questions about merchant accounts
    It is critical for a new business to be able to accept credit cards in today’s world. While a handful of businesses might be able to scratch out a profit by operating only on cash and checks, any business that needs to take online orders or...
  • chicken processing
    So you think that chicken nugget was made in the U.S.?
    In the not so distant future, according to, the chicken nuggets, fast-food chicken sandwich or even the chicken noodle soup bits you are eating could very well have been processed in China. Yes, that's right. We are going to...
  • New colors and graphs replace real information
    New trend in merchant statements hides rates and fees
    As if merchant statements weren’t hard enough to understand, some processors like SunTrust Merchant Services have redesigned statements that take all of the fee detail information off and really leave merchants without a clue.In light of the...
  • article_grocery_produce.jpg
    Best buy for your buck
    Courtesy of pennymeal.comYou walk into your local farmers market and breath in the fresh aromas, see the crisp colors and feel the aura of natural goodness; but with all these choices how do you know which piece of delectable delights is the best...
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