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  • MiraDry in action
    How to reduce embarrassing and excessive underarm sweat
    It's not the sexiest of topics, but one that many people silently suffer from: excessive underarm sweat. In fact, one in five Americans deals with the embarrassing issue, and roughly 20 percent of the US adult population say they sweat more...
  • New app helps anxiety in children with autism
    'MyRoutine' app helps lower anxiety in autistic children during appointments
    Clinicians at Vanderbilt University in Nashville have developed an app to help children with autism prepare for appointments. Called "MyRoutine®," the iPad app was patterned after a regular "hard copy" visual schedule used...
  • Cessna on the ramp
    Thick of the Fog: Go or No Go
    During my drive into work this morning, while encountering some patches of fog, I remembered a question one of my first instructors asked me during a training session. Simple and to the point, he asked if a pilot under Visual Flight Rules could...
  • Microdermabrasion can be great for the skin, but does it correct sun damage?
    Can microdermabrasion treat sun damage?
    Sun damage is a major skin concern, and one that is not easily cured. Many salons and doctors throughout the Dallas area advertise that microdermabrasion can get rid of sun spots, but are the claims too good to be true? Here is what you should...
  • Effects of Density Altitude
    Hot air rising.
    I'm sure if you have been flying for any length of time, you've heard the term, "Density Altitude" at least a few times, but what does it really mean? And more importantly, how does it affect your flying? Density altitude is the...
  • Laura 'The Brow Queen', located at Walnut Hill and 75, can get your brows to their ideal shape.
    Visit Laura 'The Brow Queen' for brow shaping in Dallas
    We've all had brow issues...whether your brows are too thick, over plucked, or just the wrong color, Laura 'The Brow Queen' is here to help! One thing is certain...Laura is experienced. She began her loyal following while working at...