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  • Get Outta My Face
    Engaging "Reasons to Be Pretty"
    Relationships in “Reasons to be Pretty”At the Theatre with Audrey LindenPlaywright Neil La Bute’s “Reasons to Be Pretty” at the Geffen Playhouse explores relationships as did his other plays in the series, “The...
  • Being pretty has given "mug shot guy" his 15-minutes.
    The undeniable bias towards "pretty"
    Pretty hurts? False AND erroneous! Sorry Bey, although your album is often on repeat in our office for days at a time – studies show that being “pretty” most definitely does NOT hurt, it instead actually makes the quality of your...
  • From 'General Hospital' to web series Denise Alexander does it all
    From 'General Hospital' to web series Denise Alexander does it all
    Denise Alexander, is a beloved veteran of network television and daytime soap operas. She appeared on the soap operas “Days of Our Lives,” “Another World,” and “Sunset Beach.” But her most recognizable role is...
  • Web series: 'Pretty' is a zany and pretty joy ride
    Web series: 'Pretty' is a zany and pretty joy ride
    "Pretty," filmed in Los Angeles, is a web series like no other you will ever see. “Pretty” ( is the story of Annette Champagne, a professional child beauty...
  • What is a Web Series
    What is a web series?
    Web series are similar to serialized television shows but are made for and aired exclusively on the Internet. They are part of the web series genre and come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Web series range from comedies to dramas and everything...
  • Ken
    Social Etiquette + Dating Apps = Handsome, Cute or Pretty?
    A friend of mine posted a status the other day asking what men would rather be referred by as: a handsome man, a cute guy or a pretty boy? I got to thinking about what I’m usually referred to as & how I classify other people I meet in my...
  • Attractive face
    Measuring facial beauty
    "Girls aren't beautiful, they're pretty. Beautiful is too heavy a word to assign to a girl. Women are beautiful because their faces show that they know they have lost something and picked up something else." Henry RollinsIt has...
  • Kelsey Lynn Stokes
    Actress Kelsey Lynn Stokes talks about Dubai, cupcakes and zombie flicks
    Kelsey Lynn Stokes came to New York by way of Dubai after spending the first eleven years of her life in or near Toronto, Ontario. She specifically chose to study at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, so she "could act, rather than...
  • Nicole Scherzinger gives worldwide debut of ‘Pretty’ on ‘X Factor’ (Video)
    Nicole Scherzinger gives worldwide debut of ‘Pretty’ on ‘X Factor’ (Video)
    Nicole Scherzinger stepped away from the judging desk on Thursday night and put herself on stage. The judge was one of the two guests performing on the elimination round of the singing competition and she belted out a few words of her own....
  • Yikes! Avoid the Makeup Meltdowns!
    Avoid the embarrassing makeup smudges and smears!
    It's no secret that makeup smears, runs, and lines are not the prettiest thing in the world. Learn how to avoid all of that, plus look amazing.Quality CosmeticsThis doesn't mean you should spend hundreds of dollars on make up, it means...
  • Molly Ringwald
    Molly Ringwald and her pretty in pink style
    I sure miss the days of the Brat Pack movies and my secret crush on Judd Nelson (I like bad boys).But most of all, I miss Molly Ringwald and her sweet pink style.Pink is such a pretty color. It softens your complexion and adds an undeniable does...
  • Steve Silverman
    Steve Silverman, the beautiful brain behind 'Pretty'
    I recently had a chat with Steve Silverman, the creator, writer and director of the Web series “Pretty,” which was dubbed by one critic as “the Web version of Modern Family” and which has garnered dozens of discerning...
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