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  • How to Make Orange Marmalade
    How to Make Orange Marmalade
    There’s a reason why the brightest and most vibrant fruits such as citrus arrive during the winter season. It’s nature’s way of offering sunshine during the darkness of winter. Transforming the citrus harvest (ie. oranges, lemons...
  • Car Lions
    Car lions: Family's car bursts into flames while driving through lion safari
    What's worse than a car fire? A car fire with hungry lions. A family’s car is a safe haven from lions, unless of course said vehicle is on fire. A UK mother is thankfully able to report that her family is safe after her minivan...
  • The strength of an ant
    Ants on Hawaiian sweet bread
    So I went into the kitchen today for a snack. As I was about to reach for a slice of bread, I noticed there were ants crawling all over the last bun of Hawaiian sweet bread. Now we left Hawai'i and I must say it was a difficult decision. So...
  • Wildlife Safari at Brooker Creek Preserve
    Friends of Brooker Creek Preserve hosts Wildlife Safari
    Pinellas County, IFAS, and Friends of Brooker Creek Preserve hosted Wildlife Safari, one of the most popular children'sevents at Brooker Creek Preserve in Tarpon Springs. The event was held this past Saturday, April 6."Wildlife Safari is...
  • Preserve my jack-o-lantern
    I want my jack-o-lantern to last awhile
    You've picked out the perfect pumpkin for your carving project, you know just the design that you want, scary face, funny face, a Halloween scene. It's done and you LOVE it!Now, how do you keep that pumpkin from getting soft, caving in or...
  • Bog
    Bogs are critical to ecosystems, wildlife and planet Earth
    Mississippi - Sweetbay Bogs Preserve was established in 1989 by the Mississippi Chapter of the Nature Conservancy. The property contains a classic example of a hillside seepage bog which the Conservancy designated as Sweetbay Bogs Preserve because...
  • Preserve Storage containers
    Preserve storage containers now at Just Goods!
    Plastics have become a major problem for our landfills. Companies like Preserve have devoted themselves to creating products in a sustainable way. The company is driven by the principles of "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." and thus they have...
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