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  • Pfizer hopes for boost in Prevnar 13 sales from expanded indication.
    Mixed results for Prevnar 13 in preemies and seniors
    Prevnar 13, the 13-valent polysaccharide conjugate vaccine against pneumococcal disease, has been controversial since the days before its release into the marketplace. Preceded by the original Prevnar, the seven-valent pneumococcal disease vaccine...
  • Babies saved by rat research
    Researcher posthumously wins Golden Goose for preemie massage research
    On September 18, luminaries of science and government will gather at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, for the Golden Goose Awards. This year, the winners are a team of researchers who studied the effect of massage on rat pups separated...
  • Premature babies are helped by their mothers' voices.
    Mothers' voices help preemies eat better
    Premature babieseat better when using pacifierswith recordings of their mothers' voices, according to researchers at Vanderbilt University. Babies using the musical pacifiers ate more often and developed stronger sucking actions, reports the...
  • preemies
    Funding for premature infant care becomes law
    President Barack Obama last week signed into law S. 252, the PREEMIE Reauthorization Act, a bill to reauthorize federal research, education and intervention activities related to preterm birth and infant mortality. The bill’s authorization...
  • Can Preemies Breast Feed?
    Can Preemies Breast Feed?
    All babies born prompt a list of worries, but premature babies can cause even more stress. Born before 37 weeks gestation preemies are even smaller and more delicate than full term babies who are born between 39-41 weeks. Premature babies or...
  • In March 2013, the Office of Human Research Protection alleged the use improper consent procedures in the SUPPORT study
    What does 'informed consent' mean?
    On August 28, 2013, the US Department of Health and Human Services held public hearings regarding appropriate informed consent procedures during clinical trials. Ethical issues with clinical trials have been raised for decades in the United States...
  • Premature babie
    New research can prevent or reverse serious disabilities in premature babies
    Pediatric neurologists have a long-held belief that low blood flow to the premature brain kills brain cells, causing disabilities.Research by physician-scientists at Oregon Health & Science University Doernbecher Children's Hospital are...
  • Webinar: Dysfunction in Sensory Integration: Understanding the Symptoms and Help
    Webinar: Dysfunction in Sensory Integration: Understanding the Symptoms and Help
    Preemies Today will be hosting this Webinar for parent with special needs. When children are unable to accurately perceive information from their sensory systems, the ability to respond typically is compromised and their behavior appears...
  • Phototherapy mat being used for high bilirubin counts
    Jaundice: Your preemies' bilirubin villain
    Most babies have some jaundice to them, even those chubby little full termers that are so lovely and healthy! This is because it takes a little time for their hepatic function [i] to get up to par and then that yellowy color of their lovely skin ...
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