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  • Ebola precautions
    New Ebola screenings go into effect at five U.S. airports starting Saturday
    Starting Saturday, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will implement additional security measures for five of the nation's busiest airports throughout the nation to prevent additional Ebola cases in the United States.The CDC...
  • The straight scoop on Ebola from JAMA
    The straight scoop on Ebola from JAMA
    Major media attention has focused on the Ebola virus, with opinions ranging from “It’s no big deal” to “It might infect us all.” Obviously, neither extreme is an appropriate description. On October 7, the Journal of...
  • Kids at a petting zoo
    Practice caution when visiting petting zoos
    On a recent episode of “America Now” with Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic, a warning was given about visiting petting zoos.Kids love petting zoos, but parents should be aware that a visit to adorable farm animals could turn out to be a...
  • Jumping on beds can be dangerous because it is easy to fall.
    Basic safety facts all kids should know
    The world can be a dark and dangerous place. This is not a pleasant fact but it is a fact nonetheless and so it is vital that children know how to protect themselves even from a young age. There are several safety tactics that parents must teach...
  • Riding a bike
    Bike rider wants dog safety tips
    Dear Trainer,I’m a bike rider and have had some close encounters with loose dogs and was wondering how to handle these scary surprises? Luckily, the owners of the dogs have been around and were able to get their dogs before the dogs got me,...
  • Swine flu 2012
    New swine flu virus now lethal
    Various strains of the swine flu are now mutating and growing causing more concern. Updating the story on the latest pig flu strain, H1N2, covered last month, the first human death has now been reported from Ohio, directly related to another...
  • Swine flu
    Swine flu on the rise
    Don't pet the pigs.A new strain of swine flu has infected over 158 people since mid July and this number is quickly climbing, according to the Center for Disease Control. Because of the rapid jump in cases, the CDC is keeping a close watch on...
  • West Nile Virus
    States emerge with West Nile Virus
    Departments of Health Services report mosquitoes testing positiveReports are flowing in as the media reports on West Nile Virus being confirmed by health officials in several states.Boston health officials yesterday afternoon had reported a...
  • Pets and the Fourth of July
    Fourth of July the number one day pets become lost
    With the Fourth of July right around the corner just two weeks away. Many of us are planning family Bar B Q with lots of outdoor cooking. Large crowds and noisy fireworks are always an eventful way to celebrate Independence day. But for most...
  • Tornado Survivor
    Drivers take defensive action in OKC tornado season
    Traveling in a car during "tornado season" in Oklahoma is enough to make one edgy at best. Oklahoma City as well as the greater metropolitan area is susceptible to tornadoes. Folks who find themselves traveling along urban roads or...
  • BBQ
    Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning
    It is going to get really warm in Columbia for the Holiday weekend. The National Weather Service,, has issued a Special Weather Statement for Boone County warning of high temperatures combined with high humidity will push the heat...
  • World Rabies Day
    World Rabies Day - September 28
    Certainly World Rabies Day has relevance for us here in upstate NY - this year in particular. In fact, our summer reads like a series of rabies close encounters and generally with sad outcomes.We had the rabid kitten who led to three human...
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