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  • Andrew Thompson of Create Peak Performance
    How to Compete With Unconventional Business Practices
    What does “unconventional” mean? When we were young, it often meant being ridiculed, considered a “freak” and even being ostracized. And just like when we were young, we often got in the habit of “following along...
  • Shat karma kriyas.
    Dhauti: the first of the six cleansing practices.
    Dhauti is internal cleansing, performed by cleaning the body with water and scrubbing the body. There are four parts to dhauti cleansing: antar, which is internal, danta, which is the teeth, hrid, which means cardiac and moola shodhana, which is...
  • Importance
    Best Flyer Design and Promotions Practices
    When you are planning an event as a Christian Artist, you will need some visual promotional products such as flyers, posters, banners, postcards, etc. According to graphics design expert, Mr. Grant of 3gGraphics, “we are competiting in a...
  • Ramapo Reservation
    Coaches can hold practices outdoors to save money.
    Many local towns are closing their doors to teams who want to participate due to budget cuts. Some budget cuts include saving money by using less electricity and heat, therefore not allowing the gym to be used on weekends or after school hours....
  • CPC to study Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations
    Cumberland Presbyterians practice being fruitful
    The Burns Flat Cumberland Presbyterian Church has embarked upon an adult study titled: The Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations. The study is based upon the book by Robert Schnase.This study will be conducted Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm...
  • herbs.jpg
    Herbs get to the root of the cold and flu season
    China has history's most vast and long standing study of traditional medicine.The methods and focal pointsare based on the concept of harmony. Herbs have had thousands of years to prove their abilities and though quality and proper dosage are...
  • Famous photo of German soldiers rounding up Jewish women and children for deportation to death camps
    Can there be freedom without remembrance?
    Just one week ago, the Jewish people observed the eighth and final day of the festival of Passover just as they have for 3,000 years. The traditions and laws prescribing how to observe the Festival of Freedom can be found in the Book of Exodus...
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