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Book Review: Recipe for Press by Amy Flurry

October 7, 2013
A lot of small businesses want to break through the information clutter without breaking the bank. Well-placed press coverage can make that happen, though most small business don't have the bank accounts to hire a top-notch...

How to Assemble Your Public Relations Plan

September 20, 2013
Every business wants to maintain a favorable look with the general public, but that image does not happen automatically. Your customers may be fickle, loving your business one moment and hating it the next, as outside forces shape the opinion...

Xbox One's slow recovery from PR missteps *UPDATE*

August 1, 2013
The GoodEarly in this current generation of gaming consoles, it seemed like Sony could do or say nothing right. The console was high priced. Sony management was arrogant, even suggesting gamers get a second job to afford their console, if...

PR Measurement

July 31, 2013
The way that PR is measured changes and advances every year. PR used to be measured by advertising value equivalents (AVEs). The problem with measuring PR with AVEs is that it provides an inaccurate value for PR. There isn&rsquo...

The Art and Science of PR Measurement, Part One

June 20, 2013
PR measurement is an art and science that even many of the brightest minds in the industry haven’t quite figured out yet, and certainly not perfected. Earlier this month, the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of...

PR Measurement Tactics in a Constantly Connected World

June 13, 2013
Paul Muret’s recent article in the Harvard Business Review, which explores measurement and buying behavior in our constantly connected world, got me thinking about PR’s role in the B2B landscape. Every day, we draft articles, manage...


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