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  • Painted Egg
    Paint! Paint! Paint!
    PPG Industries announced survey results of choosing a paint color is the top paint challenge and extension of network capabilities of their PAINTMANAGER® software. Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) is a global company and supplies over 70 countries...
  • CONSOL Energy Center
    PPG redesigns their photo gallery
    Yesterday PPG announced new design changes to their photo gallery which showcases venues that were constructed with PPG glass products. The photo gallery that features hundreds of buildings constructed with PPG glass has new interactive technology...
  • Bullitt Center in Seattle
    World’s greenest office building constructed with PPG glass
    Yesterday PPG announced the Bullitt Center in Seattle, commonly known as the greenest office building, is constructed with PPG glass products. The six story 50,000 sq. ft. office building located in Seattle’s central district was designed by...
  • PPG 2014 Color of the Year
    Pale yellow named 2014 Color of the Year
    On November 5, 2013, PPG Pittsburgh Paints ® named Turning Oakleaf (a pale buttercream yellow) the 2014 color of the year as it expected to be used in home décor. Makers of Pittsburgh Paints forecasts the prominent use of this color as it a...
  • Bank of America 500
    The most popular car color of 2013
    White is the most popular car color globally according to PPG Industries automotive color trend report released yesterday from Troy, Michigan. PPG Industries, headquartered in Pittsburgh, is the leading manufacturer of car paint globally, and the...
    PPG Aerospace designs cockpit windows for Dassault Falcon 5x jet
    Yesterday PPG Aerospace announced they are under contract with Dassault Aviation to produce windows for the Falcon jet which have the largest expansive visibility in the cockpit. The windows can resist the impact of a 4 pound bird at 350 knots....
  • Force free pet training site celebrates birthday
    Pet Smarts: Website promoting ‘force free’ pet training celebrates birthday
    Training and care for pets can be found online via the Pet Professional Guild (PPG).The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) has announced its first annual virtual event in celebration of force-free dog training and pet care around the world.To...
  • Subway Firecracker 250 - Qualifying
    PPG receives award and launches 3-D Glass
    In the PPG newsroom yesterday, PPG Industries announced the receipt of an Excellence in Advertising Award and product launch of PPG Glass eView. Two Pittsburgh companies teamed up for the campaign of three products: DURANA® liquid and power...
  • Grand Prix of Baltimore - Day 2
    PPG donates to the Satellite Center of Stark State College
    PPG Industries Inc. released a press statement yesterday announcing a donation of $10,000 to the Satellite Center of Stark State College in Barberton, Ohio. PPG has continued interest in the development of the Satellite Center as last year they...
  • Le Tour de France 2012 - Stage Eighteen
    PPG helps France celebrate its first flight anniversary
    In a company press release yesterday, PPG Aerospace announced the donation of the latest technology DESOTHANE® HD to France to repaint the first Dassault Mystere 20 jet which is on display at Le Bourget Airport in France to celebrate the 50th...
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