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  • Creating the Perfect Social Post
    Creating the Perfect Post on Social Media Platforms
    One of the best ways to bring traffic to your website is through the use of blogs. YouTubeis another great marketing tool, along with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Here are some useful suggestions on how to create the perfect...
  • Glare
    Play-by-Post RPing: Writing posts: actions
    In thelast articlewe mentioned that using nothing but dialogue within a post is a no, and we discussed how describing a character's thoughts and actions adds volumes to the length and quality of the post. Before that, we talked in two parts...
  • Character thoughts
    Play-by-Post RPing: Writing posts: character thoughts and feelings
    Every great story needs great characters, right? Well, so does every great post. And, no, I don't mean including three teens and their pet ferret because the plot needs to be carried out by someone, so any random boy or girl will do just as...
  • Caves
    Play-by-Post RPing: Writing posts: scenery, Part 02
    In the previous article we discussed using the scenery in a post to offer a general description of the surroundings and to give other players something to expand off of to create more detailed and meaningful posts. Also mentioned was using the...
  • Describe that scene!
    Play-by-Post RPing: Writing posts: scenery, Part 01
    A site has been joined, a character created, and approval granted. Now the game can begin! But writing posts can be difficult, especially for beginning RPers. Some players run out of ideas, some can't write good opening posts, and others...
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