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  • Lancaster County Postcard Club to meet Monday
    Lancaster County Postcard Club to meet Monday
    Are you in the market for a specific postcard? Looking for a specific town or subject or even era? The Lancaster County Postcard Club is holding a “Member’s Market” on Monday, 20 October.The Lancaster County Postcard Club meets...
  • Heckery Dekkery Dot Travel Game Postcards are a fun way to teach kids about other countries.
    Emerging Business: “Heckery Dekkery Dot” Travel Postcards for Children
    Educating children can be a challenge, especially when it comes to subjects like geography which many children consider to be boring. For these reasons, educating through entertainment is becoming increasingly popular with many teachers and...
  • Lancaster County Postcard Club
    Lancaster County Postcard Club discusses the Susquehanna River
    Early postcard views along the Susquehanna River will be the subject of next week’s Lancaster County Postcard Club meeting. The program will include scenes of the Accomac and Wildcat Falls hotels in neighboring York County as well as the...
  • Lancaster County Postcard Club holds show today
    Lancaster County Postcard Club holds show today
    Postcards are an inexpensive way of simply saying hello to family and friends. They have also, over the years, been a way to promote a business or destination. They have been used to share family photos. Today, Saturday, 16 August, is the 22nd...
  • Passport Themed Save-the-Date Cards
    DIY Weddings: Save-the-Date Postcards
    If you are recently engaged and have set the wedding date, you may want to send out save-the-date cards so friends and family will not book their vacations or other events on your big day. Kick off the theme of your wedding with your cards. By...
  • Decorating with vintage holiday postcards
    Decorating with vintage holiday postcards
    In 1843, a wealthy British man named Sir Henry Cole had so many greetings to send, he couldn't hand write them all. So he had a card made and the Christmas card was born. Early cards were lithographed and often adorned with silk, lace, and...
  • Thanksgiving collectibles
    Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori: Thanksgiving feast of Collectibles
    By Lori VerderameThe Thanksgiving tradition has many of us digging out or collecting some new Thanksgiving-themed objects to decorate our homes for the holiday. On the road as I present my antiques appraisal shows, I have evaluated many objects...
  • Sharing our pets
    Sharing our pet at holiday has never been easier
    Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. It is also a very busy time of the year. All of the extra things needing done prior to the holidays. Starting early (as most all the retail outlets have done) is a great way to have time to enjoy the...
  • Make your own postcards
    Make your own postcards for pennies, no pricey materials or tools required
    It costs only 32 cents to mail a postcard in the U.S. If you make your own postcards, it won't cost much more than that to create your own written correspondence. Mailing a postcard is still one of the cheapest ways to communicate with family,...
  • postcard amrketing,postcard marketing articles, postcard articles, postcard designing
    Postcard Marketing is a Lead Generator - Not a Brand Builder
    Postcard marketing is a lead generator not a brand builder why? The reason is simple, you can attract your prospects through these simple cards but you cannot force then to buy from you. Here are two simple points that you should take into your...
  • postcard
    3 Reasons you should create save the date postcards for your seminar event
    Why don't you take a look at how you can take advantage of save the date postcards for your seminar event? Many people have thought of making this type of seminar invitation, and some actually followed through and did it. Most only briefly...
  • Happy new year wishes of yesteryear
    Happy new year wishes of yesteryear
    If you come across an album or box of postcards in your grandmother's attic, you may just have found hidden treasure. Antique postcards have value today as a contemporary collectible, just as they were valued in grandma's day. The...
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