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  • Super Smash Cosplayers
    Tips to Avoid A Cosplay Malfunction and Make Improvements
    Look at those nerds, walking around in their weird costumes. Those who aren’t involved in cosplay think it’s just all about nerds dressing up as their favorite characters in conventions, but cosplay is actually a beautiful art form...
  • Bodybuilder posing on stage.
    Bodybuilding 101: Practice bodybuilding poses to help placings
    Posing takes a huge amount of effort, is exhausting and will make you stand out on the stage. Unfortunately, you can stand out for great posing, or for terrible posing. Although it's normal to be nervous on stage the amount of practice you put...
  • Posing
    'Posing' offers a fresh look at an age-old theme.
    In his most recent play for The New Theatre Project, Posing, Jason Sebacher performs the literary equivalent of holding a mirror up to a mirror. The truth is revealed, but in an abstract and sometimes unsettling way. We are reminded of Oscar Wilde...
  • the New Theatre Project
    The New Theatre Project is on the move again.
    ‘New and gently used” is how Mix, the bohemian shop in Ypsilanti, describes its merchandise, and it's not a bad way to think about the theatrical productions coming out of The New Theatre Project. Their flair for the innovative is...
  • Posing
    World premiere – and something Wilde – coming to The New Theatre Project
    On a previous visit to The New Theatre Project, we chatted with playwright Jason Sebacher just long enough to know that he was working on ‘something’ related to our all-time favorite, Oscar Wilde.We’re not sure that this is the...
  • Silverio Salinas
    Mexican 'naturopathic' man charged with unlawfully posing as doctor in Texas
    A south Texas man posing as a medical doctor has been charged today by the state Attorney General’s office for unlawfully treating patients.Silverio Salinas of Corpus Christi was charged by AG Greg Abbott “falsely claiming to be a...
  • The New Theatre Project
    A new space and other news for the New Theatre Project
    The New Theatre Project, which has been staging productions in a room inside the Pot & Box garden store, has announced that they are moving into a brand new performance space in the same building at 220 Felch Street.The New Theatre Project...
  • hilary
    Tips on posing for the camera
    Are you getting the whole family ready to take pictures? Not sure how to have everyone stand? Should you have one person stand at an angle? Keep on reading for some tips on how to have people pose. First thing to remember, is that: Depending on...
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