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  • Practicing headstand safely
    Practicing headstand safely
    Headstand, sirsasana, is a very dynamic pose in the hatha yoga practice. If practiced safely and mindfully, it can be a very beneficial pose. Considered the"king of allasanas (poses)", headstand rejuvenates the blood flow to the brain,...
  • Chair yoga poses to relieve workday stress
    Chair yoga poses to relieve workday stress
    Work doesn't stop just because it's the holiday season. Stress can overtake many people's holiday joy. Here are some moves that can help release some tension while still seated at one's desk.Shoulder Shrug: Sit up tall with both...
  • The Vishuddha Chakra
    The Vishuddha Chakra: the throat chakra
    The fifth chakra, the vishuddha or throat chakra, is located in the throat and governs the neck, throat, jaw, thyroid, parathyroid, lungs and vocal chords. It governs one's ability to communicate and express oneself, either through speech,...
  • Pose app gets a makeover
    Pose app gets a makeover on Iphone
    Many Pose app users on Iphone may have noticed on December 13 that Pose has had a makeover. Everyone’s favorite fashion pose app is now more user friendly with a whole new look by making it easier to share your favorite poses in outfits you...
  • Profile Picture
    Strike a Pose: Do's and Don'ts of Profile Pictures
    I'm no stranger to online dating websites, and it seems that no matter how many years may pass or sites may come and go, singles are still making the same mistakes when it comes to profile pictures. Here are a few tips on poses to pick and...
  • Women stretching during yoga
    Treating health conditions with Yoga Poses
    Certain yoga poses provide relief for various health conditionsWe all know that yoga is a form of alternative medicine and provides numerous health benefits. However, did you know that certain poses can help aide certain health issues.Dr. Loren...
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