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  • Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carro
    Late Bottled Vintage Porto: Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo
    Something about the cold dampness of a Florida winter makes me crave some fortified wine by a roaring fireplace, or just a few large candles. Even as we move into spring I crave some of that fortified goodness, which is that extra alcohol, since...
  • Francesinha sandwich
    Francesinha sandwich: a "must-eat" while in Porto
    Once upon a time, there was a sandwich. It contained ham, linguica, sausage, sliced beef, cheese, and tomato.This little sandwich decided it was not flavorful enough. It asked to be covered in melted cheese.Still, the little sandwich was not happy...
  • Tawny Portos
    Porto 101: Tawny Port
    We tend to think Porto is a cool weather drink, sipping a glass by the fire with a cigar and a chunk of Blue Stilton, but Tawny Ports can be a fine summer option. Perhaps it’s the subtler, aged flavors, or perhaps it’s the fact that we...
  • Wilco setlist: Primavera Sound Festival, Porto, PT 6/8/12.
    Wilco setlist: Primavera Sound Festival, Porto, PT 6/8/12
    Wilco finished up their brief European leg of their 2012 Whole Love tour at the Optimus Primavera Sound Festival in Porto, Portugal on Friday. Here's what they played:“Art Of Almost”“I Might”“At Least That's...
  • Sandeman Summer Sangria
    Sandeman port wine sangria contest
    We love our sangria in Los Angeles. If you have your own recipe, Sandeman Port wine is giving everyone the chance to show it off and compete for a trip for two to the great Tales of the Cocktail extravaganza this July in New Orleans.They are...
  • Pousada do Porto-Freixo Palace Hotel
    Portugal's Pousadas: living history hotels
    If your image of a "pousada" is of a modest cottage, a charming inn or a simple hostel in the Portuguese countryside, you haven't been to Pousada do Porto-Freixo Palace Hotel.This boutique hotel, which only opened in October 2009,...
  • Porto, the City of Wine
    In Porto, City of Wine, become Immersed in the art, science and business of wine
    In some sense, Porto, Portugal's first capital city, reminds me a little of Florence, Italy. Like Florence, Porto was once one of the richest and most powerful cities in the world because of trade that came through its port, and built fabulous...
  • Porto, Portugal's great city, newly rediscovered jewel of Europe
    Porto, powerhouse city of the Age of Discovery, is rediscovered jewel of Europe
    Porto is a proud place.It is the city that gave its name to the country of Portugal and to its most distinctive product, Port wine.The birthplace of Prince Henry the Navigator, its bustling port and famous wine made the city one of the richest and...
  • resized_Douro_Map1.jpg
    Get your ports fresh!
    Get your ports fresh! Winter in Chicago is definitely the season to break out a good Port (or Porto as the original from north central Portugal is known). And although you’ll probably not be able to bring a bottle to the football or...
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