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  • Obama and Democrats will ignore the issue of inequality
    Inequality ignored in Obama’s new populist rhetoric
    Democrats and republicans alike believe they can take on a populist agenda without discussing the controversial topic of inequality amid fears of creating a class warfare.Therefore team Obama has no intention of stirring the pot by mentioning...
  • Labor secretary Perez visits Ace Hardware
    Populism and the minimum wage increase
    “Why can’t we give good workers an extra dollar or two an hour?” a good guy commentator asks his audience in the midst of an argument over the federal government raising the minimum wage. “I don’t think one or two...
  • Abolish Debt
    From The ' We've Been Here Before' Vault
    Try to guess when, what and where the following time in America existed:'Money problems pervaded all others. America was virtually bankrupt as the federal government and state governments found it impossible to retire the gargantuan debt...
  • Repeal Obamacare! Repeal Obamacare!
    When Dinosaurs Ruled
    Years from now, American political paleontologists may be looking back on the first part of the 21st century and marvel:'What happened to all those big things in America back then?'This is not just us predicting this from the wishful,...
  • Obama signature
    Three myths about Obama exploded by the health care debacle
    When all is said and done, the Affordable Care Act is destined to remain the law of the land for as long, in all likelihood, as the Democratic Party controls at least one chamber of Congress or the presidency. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius,...
  • DC Comics comes out with ‘Occupy: The Comic’ (Photos)
    DC Comics comes out with ‘Occupy: The Comic’ (Photos)
    If you thought the Occupy movement was a laughing matter … well, you may be onto something. DC Comics — a company whose name is a reminder that its earliest product was meant to bring a smile to its customers’ lips —...
  • EU Flag
    The coming tide of populism in Europe
    With the Euro 2012 football championship decided, the continent will now turn its weary eyes to the Olympic games, while those who can afford to prepare for their constitutionally guaranteed summer vacation as decreed by theEU high court...
  • Occupy Chicago
    Occupy Wall Street mimics middle class fury
    Yes. This article fits the following guidelines: It contains original reporting or provides a unique take on the story, is accurate, provides attribution, reports on information that has become available in the past 48 hours and is on topic.
  • Obama 2012
    Obama in 2012? The silence of hope
    So President Obama has officially decided to seek a second term. Many liberals had secretly held out hope that Barack would suddenly declare, “Look, what the hell: four years is enough. I’m heading back to Chicago to shoot some hoops...
  • South Korean National Assembly
    Korea's Democratic Party using empty populism to retake Blue House
    Even though the election is still two years away, campaign season is in full swing in South Korea. Current opposition party, the Democratic Party (DP), has been busily restructuring their party’s platform for the past year and has set the...
  • Meet John Doe: Public Figure Taking Responsibility
    Meet John Doe: A Lesson In The Reponsibility Of Public Figures
    While scanning the comments on the Akron Beacon Journal's report on the tragedy in Arizona, the author came across this comment "I believe the term is "rabble rouser".Sarah Palin is not responsibile, but her IRRESPONSIBLE...
  • Air Tran commercial plays on themes of unemployment, anger toward corporations
    Air Tran commercial plays on themes of unemployment, anger toward corporations
    Often political themes end up showing up in popular culture over time. Such is the case with a new Air Tran commercial which plays populist anger toward corporations in the middle of the worst labor market in years. In the commercial a lower-level...
  • resized_05_cover.gif
    Economic populism: a winner in 2010?
    Back to the Gilded Age Fair Use As I suspected would be the case, Democrats intend to take on the conservative wing of the Supreme Court and in so doing make it into an election year issue. In a year where successful narratives for the party in...
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