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  • Kerry Washington
    Shout out: Actress and activist kerry washington
    Shout out: Actress and activist kerry washingtonKerry Washington, known for her role as Olivia Pope in the ABC hit drama TV series "Scandal", has moved the american people by being a devoted activist in this years election for the...
  • Obama
    The secession lunacy: Will Obama say adios to Texas?
    Just when you thought the smear campaign tactics were done? The new campaign slogan for the Republican Party; "We can't Succeed so let's Secede!" Secede doe's not equal Success. This is not the first time the idea of...
  • Judy Nichols, Papa Johns Pizza, discusses the fallout of Obamacare and how it will result in a substantial loss of jobs.
    The Coming Storm; Obamacare forces layoffs
    Small business owners across the country have long since feared the looming effects of Obamacare, once the law goes into full effect. With the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, those who voted to keep Obamacare intact may have just voted...
  • Witch
    We are the people
    From time immortal it has been said that we the people will unite and bring about a great peace here on Earth. Yet, we the people have not united and we have not brought peace to this planet. It may be time to work together to usher in a new wave...
  • Charlie Conrad volunteers at the Organizing for America headquarters in Arlington.
    Obama campaign turns up heat in Northern Virginia
    As Virginia voters get bombarded with campaign commercials and political punditry, Democrats in this battleground state remain focused on growing their powerful grassroots operation in the northern part of the commonwealth. “This is the...
  • Cool hand strategy
    Is The Obama Team Using A Cool Hand Luke Strategy?
    It's been nearly a week since the first presidential debate ended, and there are still 'political pundits' out there who are still scratching their heads about President Obama's so-called lackluster performance. 'Oh He of...
  • Obama, Chavez
    Election in Venezuela, Polls favoring socialist left-wing Chavez re-election
    Sahit Muja: Venezuelans head to polls today to determine the election. Hugo Chavez vs. rival Henrique Capriles Radonski.Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is socialist left-wing anti U.S. leader who represents 21st Century Socialism."Mitt...
  • Gary Johnson: Today's Republican
    Gary Johnson: Today's Republican
    With an approval rating the lowest since 1984 for a presidential nominee, Mitt Romney is certainly not the preferred conservative candidate. The various factions that now exist within the current Republican Party makemany wonder if the current GOP...
  • Marc J. Victor
    Chandler Attorney Announces Run for U.S. Senate
    A Chandler defense lawyer who helped his client beat a serious marijuana charge says he probably will run for Republican Jon Kyl's soon-to-be vacant U.S. Senate seat, running as a Libertarian.On July 2, attorney Marc J. Victor's client, 53...
  • Social Media Icons
    Are the days of Politicians Kissing Babies and Shaking Hands Over?
    Obama has used Social Media effectively to raise funds and gain support. Twitter has been used by all the candidates to a less measurable effect but it does seem to huamanize politicians that other media can't do. But has social media had such...
  • Fathom Events presents 'Glenn Beck Broke' Live Dec 2nd
    Fathom Events presents 'Glenn Beck Broke' Live Dec 2nd
    If you are a Glenn Beck fan, this is for you!From the 'Fathom Events' website.NCM Fathom and Mercury Radio Arts bring Glenn Beck to silver screens nationwide for the timely event - Glenn Beck Live: Broke - Restarting the Engine of America....
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