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  • Typhoon Sunglasses
    Pro angler tested – Typhoon sunglasses
    Nobody expects more out of sunglasses than professional anglers. They want them to feel comfortable while they fish all day and they want them to look good at the weigh in. More importantly, they want them to perform. So it just makes sense, that...
  • Vicious Vision
    Lens technology is the secret sauce in Vicious Vision fishing eyewear
    All my sightfishing friends give me the same general answer when I ask them about their most important piece of fishing Equipment. “Quality Eyewear. You have to see em’ before you can cast to them and premium polarized sunglasses help...
  • Maui Jim Wiki Wiki
    Maui Jim Wiki Wiki
    I recently had the opportunity to try out a few pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses. Next up on the review list are the Wiki Wiki.As a quick background update for anyone not familiar with Maui Jim products, they offer a wide assortment of styles and...
  • Native Eyewear Nova Polarized Sunglasses Review
    Native Eyewear Nova Polarized Sunglasses Review
    I recently purchased a pair of high performance active wear sunglasses from a link on Native Eyewear’s website. This model is called Nova. It retails between $109 and $149 depending on whether you purchase the Sportflex or Reflex. The Nova...
  • Fishing sunglasses a must for fly anglers
    Sunglasses a must for fly anglers
    Good sunglasses are essential to fly fishing. Even if one does not sight fish, sunglasses will allow an angler to see what’s in and on the water while providing eye protection from the sun and safety while fishing.Polarized sunglasses are a...