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  • Cuddle
    Cuddle Up To Me, professional cuddling service, to launch retail location
    One woman in Oregon is taking cuddling public. Thirty-year-old Samantha Hess, a professional cuddler, is about to open up her first retail shop for her cuddling business, Cuddle Up To Me. Currently, she offers two different sessions for her...
  • Can guys and girls be platonic friends
    Can guys and girls be platonic friends
    I was asked the question the other day, 'can guys and gals be platonic friends?' It seems like a simple question but there are many layers to this particular conundrum. The answer is not a simple yes or no and in truth the answer can be...
  • Can men and women have strictly platonic friendships?
    Can men and women have strictly platonic friendships?
    He/she is so funny. You trust them with any and everything about you. There is no need for any pretense or extra effort to connect with this person. The chemistry is natural and he/she loves you just for who you are and you feel exactly the same...
  • We Can't Be Friends
    We Can't Be Friends
    Trey Songz put this feeling into a song better than anyone ever could. And you could hear him sing this song Valentine's Day Weekend atNew York City's WaMU Theater at Madison Square Garden. When people break-up, it's for a reason. Some...
  • resized_friendship.jpg
    Is there a difference between friends and just friends?
    One of my BFFs posed this question to me a few days ago and without hesitation I answered, "yes." Why? Let me break it down via scenario. Scenario one. You invite a “friend” to come to a work event. As you're enjoying the...
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