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  • The First Lady is stunned to see her full set of china
    See the new Obama State China and Japan State Dinner menu
    No one is happier than the Curator's at the White House and at The Presidential Culinary Museum to see the latest edition of state china unveiled! All of our china on display here, seven days a week in the museum is delighted in and admired by...
  • Plate's 30 Chefs to Watch list
    Chicago chefs named to Plate’s 30 Chefs to Watch
    Chicago is no longer the second city of dining. With numerous Michelin star restaurants and celebrity chefs in our midst, the Chicago dining scene is hotter than ever. In the recently released Plate’s inaugural 30 Chefs to Watch list,...
  • Kailyn Lowry
    ‘Teen Mom’ star Kailyn Lowry starts filming with lots on her plate
    “Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry is busy planning her wedding to Javi Marroquin, even though they got married on the previous season of the show. They got married at the court house briefly before Javi left for the air force training he...
  • Healthy Eating Plate
    Even better nutrition advice, this time from Harvard
    Two years ago, the USDA issued a nutrition guideline called MyPlate, which I wrote about here with cautious optimism. It was certainly an improvement over the old food pyramid, but according to the folks at Harvard, it still had flaws. Harvard...
  • Breaking the plate
    Breaking the plate
    Remember when the USDA released a new "food pyramid" (the ambiguous plate)?Well Harvard is now trying to one up this "new" eating structure by releasing a new plate that looks pretty similar yet includes some clarification so...
  • EMT
    Indiana EMTs deserve specialty plate like other services
    The Indiana BMV has added 10 more specialty plates to its list, bringing the total to 99. These plate purchases send funds to designated organizations. The plate prices add an additional 10-40 dollars to the normal price.
  • Plated Food Groups
    The pyramid has been replaced by the plate for food groups
    Do you remember in your home economics course in high school, you were required to learn the food groups according to the pyramid? Well, now you can forget the pyramid because the governmenthas come up with something different; something less...
  • The Palatable Plate
    The Palatable Plate
    Local author Pari Danian has cooked up a beautiful selection of dishes that are sure to please your palate. In her new cookbook The Palatable Plate, she not only created each dish, she is the photographer of the entire book and she sculpted the...
  • One way you can paint a plate and mug.
    Paint a Dish
    So we all love to have cute things in our homes. Pieces of art that we can love and cherish, but are also useable. Sometimes that is not an easy task and we want something that we can use daily. In downtown Fredericksburg there is a little shop...
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