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  • Makeover Monday: Five Moves to Having a Strong Core
    Makeover Monday: Five Moves to Having a Strong Core
    We all want a fantastic looking mid-section. But doing 500 hours of endless crunches can really be a drag. With the help of Natalie Jill, Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist, you can have the tight abs you so desire without crunches. “&ldquo...
  • Improve your Back Health
    Improve your Back Health
    We have all by now heard the disheartening news that sitting is equivalent to smoking because it raises your risk of diabetes, heart disease, disability, cancer and of course obesity. And a new study has actually attached real numbers to this...
  • Plank pose workouts  (Video)
    Plank pose workouts (Video)
    Holding yourself in plank position is a very effective way to tighten your abs, back, arms, and glutes. For those who may not know, plank position is like push-up position except you hold yourself up on your forearms. If you start from push-up...
  • Macombs Dam Park
    Quick exercise routine to perform at Macombs Dam Park
    Macombs Dam Park is the first public park to host an adult playground featuring a fun outdoor location in which to exercise in New York City. First opened in the summer of 1914 for children in the Bronx, the park featured a variety of swings,...
  • Best Core Exercise - Plank
    Best Exercise for Strong and Powerful Core
    The appearance of lean abs is so appealing to the eye and we all want to have a nice lean midsection with defined abs. However, for a tennis player, the strength and functionality of the core is even more important.A strong core will allow...
  • Plank
    Enhance your yoga practice with a Plank yoga mat
    Plank yoga mats are presented as a training tool and not just a typical yoga mat. They offer patented heat-grip technology that makes practitioners more aware of their poses, and provides unique pressure feedback. Grounding through the hands and...
  • Cranking Out a Long Plank
    George Hood pursues Guinness World Record in plank on Dec. 3 in Naperville
    George Hood is at it again.More than a quarter-century after he first set a Guinness World Record in the realm of self-inflicted physical pain (OK, let’s call it ultra-endurance), he’ll be going after another mark.This time, instead of...
  • Shaun Zetlin
    Three Quick Core Exercises for the Holidays
    With the holidays fast approaching, the fear of temptation that December can bring could cause your fitness goals to suffer. Family gatherings, work functions, and friend’s parties are just some of many events that holiday season has to...
  • Coney Island Beach
    Quick Exercise Routine to Stay Fit at Coney Island Beach
    With summer quickly fading into fall,it’stimefor NewYorkers to enjoy some sun and sand on the historic beach of Coney Island!Coney Island contains nearly three miles of beaches and is one ofNew York City’s most popular places to enjoy...
  • Rockaway Beach
    Quick Beach Workout Routine for Rockaway Beach
    With summer officially arriving next week,it’stimefor NewYorkers to enjoy some sand and sun at the historic RockawayBeach! RockawayBeach contains 170 acres and is one ofNew York City’s most popular places to enjoy the summer weather....
  • Plank
    Tone your whole body with the walking plank from Andy Berman at Fitness Factory!
    Push ups are a good go-to exercise to train multiple muscle groups in your body, but these get tiresome after a while. Now, you can try the Walking Plank as an alternative and see new and better results! All you need is yourself and a free...
  • Shaun Zetlin
    Top 3 planks to do in your New York City apartment
    With all the holiday parties most New Yorkers are attending this week and next, it’s easy to dismiss exercising till the beginning of the New Year. Don’t let the festive cheer of these parties and your unhealthy eating habits at these...
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