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  • Anonymous Hacker Group
    Anonymous vows to 'destroy' Westboro Baptist Church
    KY Anonymous has decided enough is enough and has vowed to “destroy” the hate-filled Westboro Baptist Church. On Monday, Dec. 17, Anonymous tweeted, “WBC we know where you’re sleeping tonight…”On Saturday, just...
  • Teachers' Strike
    Chicago students head to church during school strike
    The faith-based community has stepped up to receive students affected by the teachers’ strike.The last teachers’ strike in Chicago was in 1987 and it lasted 19 days. The Chicago Public Schools is the nation’s third largest school...
  • Peace
    Chicago Image of the Day - Teachers on Strike
    Whatever it is you need to convey out there, somehow, flowers always can be so eloquent.More power.At the picket line at the Chicago Public School office on S. Clark in the Loop yesterday. More pictures on my flickr stream.
  • Portent of things to come
    Chicago Image of the Day - September 12, 2012
    As the Chicago Public School Teachers strike enters its third day, I am posting this photo of a teacher and a pupil at last year's demonstration, "We Are One" that was held in solidarity with embattled public sector unions in...
  • Picketer holding two signs that says everything.
    Long Beach Memorial Nurse's Strike
    Just three days before the Christmas holiday, hundreds of nurse's walked off the job to picket along Atlantic Avenue in front of Long Beach Memorial Hospital, due toissues that have been brewing for some time, forcing many nurses to send out a...