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  • two faced
    Things you don't say: 'Reverse Speech Technology'
    Are there subliminal messages and meanings in the things we say that can only be understood when heard in reverse? Or is thephenomenonjust an interesting illusion?As an astrologer and hypnotherapist I focus more than most on the existence...
  • Is it a Bigfoot?
    5 Ghostly 'Brocken Spectre' images you won't believe
    History is littered with reports of ghostly apparitions, aliens and heavenly angels visiting the earth emblazoned in bright lights. These visions may be witnessed by one or more people and are typically interpreted as a sign from the heavens....
  • Black Eyed Child?
    Black Eyed Children, are they real?
    If you have heard about this, you will no doubt be wondering where on earth such a story originated from and if there is any truth to the rumors. Black eyed Children/Kids, also known as BEK. Witnesses claim these pre-teens and teens are showing up...
  • David Weatherly's book, "The Black Eyed Children"
    A Visit with Paranormal Investigator David Weatherly on Black Eyed Children
    For those who are avid paranormal enthusiasts, many have heard of the phenomenon of the Black Eyed Children. Also known as "BEKs" or Black Eyed Kids, these are strangely calm children who have one major characteristic in common. Their...
  • waterfall,friendship, phenomenal
    Waterfalls, friendships, phenomenal/universal
    The friendship phenomenon allows you to feel a strong and more meaningful connection to this vast universe. You can be alone, but you are not lonely. It is amazing how just getting together occasionally with a friend or friends can add a level of...
  • YouTube Spotlight: Strange phenomenon in the sky April 9, 2011
    YouTube Spotlight: Strange phenomenon in the sky April 9, 2011
    YouTube Spotlight: Strange phenomenon in the sky April 9, 2011at central southern England.To view VIDEO, click on the video IMAGE on your leftCRAVE MORE? YouTube Spotlight VideosDarrell Lum is passionate about YouTube. He scours YouTube for off...
  • My Musical Comedy Life
    Donna McKechnie—a singular phenomenon!
    On February 12th at 8PM an extraordinary event will take place at the Miami PlayGround Theater—call it a phenomenon. Donna McKechnie is coming to town.A phenomenon is any observable occurrence or event that may require the use of...
  • Sad Arcadia Child Under Veil
    Things your child knows from beyond
    There are a number of research and studies, and reports of children having the ability to accurately describe a family member they have never seen. There are many theories as to why your child may be able to specifically detail a deceased loved...
  • Crop circles
    Crop circles, man made or from outer space?
    Crop circles have been reported in the media since the 1970's and for many have remained a curious subject of wonder. Although some people have come forward and said they were responsible for a few of the crop circles seen, there are a...
  • Fingerprints on fishtank reveal a baby ghost's presence
    Fingerprints on fishtank reveal a baby ghost's presence
    Not too long ago, I was looking at my husband's fish tank and decided to take a closer look. He has all the most beautiful corals and marine fish that you can imagine. As I approached the tank, I was surprised to see the appearance of little...
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