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  • Pest Interview
    Take Five: An Interview with Pest
    Sweden’s Pest play black metal with facets of NWOBHM and speed metal. The band consists of the duo Neco (guitar, vocals, and battery) and Equimanthorn (guitar and bass). The band’s latest full-length studio CD is titled The Crowning...
  • Toads are natural slug control; attract them to the garden with a toad home! (Photos)
    Toads are natural slug control; attract them to the garden with a toad home! (Photos)
    Slugs and snails, snails and slugs; less welcome visitors to the veggie garden can scarcely be imagined. The devastation they can wreak on delicious crops like lettuce and cabbage cannot be understated.There are ways to deal with slugs of course;...
  • Coyote
    Coyotes gone ugly on Merritt Island
    As you may know already, meddling coyotes are recently becoming a problem in Merritt Island, Fla. where their numbers are increasing causing mysterious disappearances of pets such as small dogs and cats. Now that we know for certain that they are...
  • Squash bug eggs
    Pest management without the use of chemicals
    Organic gardening is when you don’t use synthetic products such as herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. However, when deciding to go this route, it also means having to deal with insect pest in a different manner. Sometimes it’s far...
  • Sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite!
    Sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite!
    When you heard the phrase "sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite" it seemed like folklore some what of a myth. I personally heard my father say it as a child and did not think they were real. To my surprise bed bugs are very real...
  • Wasp vs wasp
    Wasp battles wasp: eats caterpillar (video)
    Many Connecticut residents have backyard gardens during the summer. They not only provide fruits, vegetables, and flowers, but also amazing wildlife activity. Take a look at this story observed in a Connecticut Garden:A gentle patch of kale...
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