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  • Review: 'Stinky Footboard' is the peripheral you never thought you needed
    Review: 'Stinky Footboard' is the peripheral you never thought you needed
    There are a slew of PC peripheral devices on the market designed to increase productivity and efficiency, and most of them are hand-controlled devices. Through a successful Kickstarter campaign, Stelulu, based in Canada, has created a remarkable...
  • Stinky Footboard image
    E3 2013 impressions: 'Stinky Footboard'
    Among the bright lights and huge displays on the show floor at E3 was a small booth demonstrating the Stinky Footboard, a PC peripheral device unlike any other. The device, a footpad with four direction buttons, is essentially a d-pad for your...
  • Microsoft IllumiRoom.
    Next Xbox may use IllumiRoom projector
    Microsoft released a video yesterday showing off the IllumiRoom technology that users may see come to the next Xbox (code-named "Durango"). The video was apparently released for the CHI 2013 event in Paris, France and was followed by a...
  • OWC Monthly Garage Sale
    Other World Computing's monthly Garage Sale
    Other World Computing is having their monthly garage sale and you can save money on peripherals and parts. The following is via their website.If you want to get in on the ground floor and find out what’s going on special as soon as OWC Larry...
  • Back to the Gameboy Days?
    Back to the Gameboy Days?
    CTA Digital announced recently that it is determined to take us back to the Gameboy days. Okay those weren't their exact words but honestly who wants to hear that once you pick up your Nintendo 3DS you can look forward to doing such things as...
  • Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
    Logitech announces Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
    The future has arrived people.You might remember the days when Logitech wireless keyboards were things to marvel at. Well, those days are slowly coming to an end because Logitech has just announced its first Wireless Solar-Powered keyboard called...