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  • PMS Symptom reduction Chocolate Banana Smoothie
    PMS Symptom Smoothie Cure: Chocolate Banana Smoothie
    So you were asked on a date. You're excited and already thinking about the outfit and perfect pair of heels to where. You go to your calendar to insert the day and time of your date, but you realize you also have another schedule date... one...
  • Sure sign he is into you: the Period test
    Sure sign he is into you: the Period test
    Have you ever questioned whether a guy is really into you or just into your sex?Well, there's a simple way to find out. Tell him you're on your period.If you thought this was going to be an article guide to having sex on your period, sorry...
  • Ovulation Cycle
    Get with the beat of your menstrual rhythm
    Even educated adults get confused by ovulation and the menstrual cycle."Is it true that women seek men who are lovers when they ovulate and partners when they menstruate or anytime other than ovulation?"--an internationally-educated man-...
  • Period Windsor chair - or reproduction?
    Period Windsor chair - or reproduction?
    One of the challenges we face when we find hidden treasures in our attics and basements, is to determine if it's an actual period piece, or not. An item can be an antique and still not be a period piece.By technical definition, an antique is...
  • Dr. Sondra Summer
    Chicago teen health: Your monthly menstrual cycle
    "It's important for girls to learn about the menstrual cycle--even if it may seem embarrassing at first," says Dr. Sondra Summer. Dr. Summer is a specialist in adolescent and pediatric gynecology at the Loyola Health Systemand...
  • Shutter Island
    Las Vegas Library New DVD Releases: Shutter Island, The White Ribbon, No Time for Sergeants
    This is your guide for the new DVD releases that you can borrow at the Las Vegas-Clark County Library. Reserve your DVDs in advance so you don't end up on the long waiting list. All you need is your LVCCLD Library Card (your barcode and PIN...
  • Sherlock Holmes DVD Cover
    Sherlock Holmes movie review: Sherlock Holmes takes a modern slant
    Sherlock Homes Blu-ray: 3.9 out of 5 stars Sherlock Holmes is a visually stylish rush of adrenaline. Irreverent and yet true to the spirit, this movie is both fun and numb, enjoyable and exhausting. With a modern slant, this Sir Arthur Conan Doyle...
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