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Underrated gems: Venetica

August 23, 2014
Gaming is unfortunately a pastime fraught with drama, but what about the drama that never was? What about games that have a lot to offer, but that disappeared off the face of the planet without making a huge fuss? This...

'Rogue Legacy' review: Live. Die. Repeat

August 15, 2014
Live. Die. Repeat. No, this isn't just the tagline for the Tom Cruise movie "Edge of Tomorrow." Those three words perfectly captures the spirit of "Rogue Legacy" in all its 2D sidescrolling glory. Developed...

PC 'Sacred 3' review

August 11, 2014
Article first published asPCReview: ‘Sacred 3’on Blogcritics.Filling the lengthy gap between "Diablo II" and "Diablo 3," the original "Sacred" game made its debut a little...

Steam's latest beta client lets you hide games

August 7, 2014
The latest beta version of the Steam desktop client just received an update with features several gamers have been waiting for since the online distribution service's conception. Yesterday, the Steam beta client was updated with not only a...