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  • Quick Guide: Payday loans
    Quick Guide: Payday loans
    Payday loans have grown in popularity over the past four years, despite the fact that these loans often come with large interest rates. As traditional banks have tightened their lending standards, many people have been forced to use payday lenders...
  • PAYDAY 2
    'PAYDAY 2' far from perfect, still delivers awesome heisting mayhem
    Game: PAYDAY 2Developer: Overkill SoftwarePublisher: 505 GamesPlatform: PS3, Xbox 360, PCRelease Date: August 13, 2013Building on the laurels of its predecessor, PAYDAY 2 manages to deliver some frantic gameplay and challenging scenarios, that,...
  • PAYDAY 2
    Impressions: 'PAYDAY 2'
    Inspired by the first 7 minutes of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Michael Mann's Heat, PAYDAY 2 takes sim heisting to another level. Being a crook never felt cooler.Robberies take on a new vein in PAYDAY 2 and that's...
  • 'Payday 2'
    'Payday 2' now a full game, set to release in August
    Today, 505 Games released a press release (supplied via stating that the upcoming "Payday 2" has expanded from a Xbox Live Arcade/Playstation Network game to a full retail release. The release is set for sometime in August...
  • U.S. dollar
    Payday loans becoming popular way to pay off short-term debts
    Earlier this year, it was reported that nearly half of all American households are one financial emergency away from complete economic collapse. The study found that these households do not have sufficient savings and live beyond their means ...
  • Payday: The Review
    Game Review: Payday: The Heist
    Game Review: Payday: The HeistRelease: 10/18/2011Genre: Multiplayer co-op FPSDeveloper: OverkillAvailable Platforms: Sony PlayStation 3, PCPlayers: 1 (4 player co-op)MSRP: $19.99ESRB: MOverkill Software allows gamers to recapture that &ldquo...
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