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  • Using the last of the squash
    Using the last of the squash
    As summer gradually turns into fall, many who grow vegetable gardens are getting down to the end of their harvest. Squash is a vegetables that is either nearing the end of the growing season, if not already. Squash, in my opinion, is great no...
  • Salmon made in an easy way
    Salmon made in an easy way
    Of all the types of fish there are, I love salmon best of all! I've always enjoyed salmon prepared in virtually every way you can think of. Growing up, salmon patties (or "croquettes) were always a favorite. When I go to a restaurant, I...
  • Barbecued beef that's easy and inexpensive
    Barbecued beef that's good and easy
    When it comes to food, many people enjoy trying new recipes and new kitchen gadgets. I've always enjoyed going through new cookbooks and cook's catalogs to see what's the latest in food and cooking equipment. Although it's always...
  • Salmon made in a favorite way
    Salmon prepared in a favorite way
    Salmon has always been a popular fish, whether it's canned or fresh. We've been told in recent years by health experts that salmon, as well as other cold-water fish, is plentiful in Omega-3 acids, which benefits the heart. It's a...
  • Salmon...A Tasty Way to be Heart-Healthy
    Salmon...A Tasty Way to Heart-Health
    Over the last few years, health authorities have stated that it's important to eat more foods with Omega-3, which benefits the heart against heart disease. Cold-water fish is said to be very rich in Omega-3, and that includes salmon. Salmon is...
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