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  • Herding Cattle and Memories
    Squishy Memories: Part III-Corralling The Mind
    In some ways, our memories are like a herd of cattle on an open range; trying to go in whatever direction they choose. Unless they can be controlled and understood, their recall can be destructive.In Part I of this series, I wrote our mind’s...
  • Living in the Past
    Our Insane and Destructive Thoughts: Part III-What to Do About Them
    Knowing what destructive thoughts are is one thing. Knowing how to stop them is another. In Part I of this three-part series, I maintained one form of our insane thoughts is the creation of “what if” scenarios about a less than...
  • Our Internal Insane Thoughts
    Our Internal Insane Thoughts: Part I-What Are They? (Thoughts of the Week)
    How many days has it been since you replayed a scene in your mind where you said hurtful, revealing or politically incorrect words you wish could have been taken back? Possibly you were diligent in your speech but humiliated in front of friends or...
  • Campbell House Holiday table
    St. Louis' Holiday Historic Houses
    When Dickens wrote of Christmases past he did so based on memories. In St Louis you don’t have to depend on memories alone to revisit Christmases past. All one has to do is visit one of St Louis’ museum homes.Each year the Eugene Field...
  • Check out Does your Past Define or Refine You on The Changing Minds Online Show
    Check out Does your Past Define or Refine You on The Changing Minds Online Show
    How long do you plan to punish yourself for your past mistakes? Join Jessica Leichtweisz and Dr. Aikyna Finch and learn how to set yourself free.
  • Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher
    ‘RHOBH’ star Taylor Armstrong leaves past behind after wedding
    “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong has been on the show since the beginning and she shared some harsh realities with fans on the show. While viewers never saw Russell Armstrong hit Taylor, she claimed that he...
  • 'Rebecca': Costume Idea
    'Rebecca': an interesting story about rebuilding
    There was a tragic fire in Garrettsville, Ohio, on the historic Main Street this past Saturday, and half of a two -story building was gutted by flames as well as a one-story brick law firm burned down on the historic block. But, the shop owners...
  • Kailyn Lowry
    ‘Teen Mom’ star Kailyn Lowry doesn’t want to think about her past
    “Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry may have gotten married last year, had her second son and bought her first house, but she has been writing a book about her life as well. She has been teasing about what the book is about and it will be...
  • Escape Your Past - A Devotion
    Escape Your Past - A Devotion
    Lamentations 3:21-26 (NLT)Yet I still dare to hope when I remember this: “The faithful love of the LORD never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning. I say to myself, “The LORD...
  • Bethenny Frankel
    Bethenny Frankel and LuAnn de Lesseps make peace after drama ‘RHONY?’
    Bethenny Frankel left “The Real Housewives of New York” after the third season, because she was offered her own spin-off show to document her wedding. In addition, she was feuding with some of the women, including Countess LuAnn de...
  • When your past does not want to let you rest
    When your past doesn't want to rest
    I was scrolling through my Instagram account this morning when I read a post that said, “Make peace with your past so that it does not disturb your present. I began meditating on that phrase, allowing it to roll around in my mind and I...
  • Joanna Krupa
    ‘RHOM’ star Joanna Krupa reveals more details about Romain’s past
    “The Real Housewives of Miami” star Joanna Krupa may have brought Romain to therapy in hopes of discovering why they weren’t having as much sex, but it turns out that there was something much deeper going on with Krupa’s...
  • Havest Full Moon Reflections
    Swimming in the light of the Full Moon
    As the air turns crisp cool breezes toward our warm tanned summer bodies, we are reminded that fall is close approaching. On September 19, 2013 we have visible to us the Fall Harvest Full Moon. The Harvest Moon is a predecessor to the Fall Equinox...
  • Gretchen Rossi
    ‘RHOOC’ star Gretchen Rossi gets offensive when old picture is revealed
    “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi isn’t a housewife who has gone under the knife too much while filming the show. Last season, she got her lips done, even though she denied it at the time. She chose not...
  • Gretchen Rossi
    ‘RHOOC’ star Gretchen Rossi: ‘I was hard for me to watch old clips’
    “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi may not have been on the show since the beginning, but she has made quite the impression since being on the show. She has been on the show with two different partners and it...
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