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Paranormal Articles - Page 2

Simon Young on 'Seeing Faeries'

August 24, 2014
An interview with British historian Simon Young who wrote the introduction to Marjorie T. Johnson's book, Seeing Faeries: From The Lost Archives Of The Faerie Investigation Society, Authentic Reports of Faeries in Modern Times, published by Anomalist Books...

The Crayon: Weird Events In My Room

August 17, 2014
Tonight when I came home there was an unusual crayon mark on my wall that was not there before I left. After seeing this mark I asked my son and his girlfriend to come upstairs to see. They...

Haunted Lafayette is a book of the paranormal and mystery

August 15, 2014
Haunted Lafayette is a book that will take you on a journey of multiple stories about ghosts, the paranormal and bodily possession. Dorothy Salvo Davis and W.C. Madden have gathered stories from many Lafayette and West Lafayette residents that...

On the paranormal trickster

August 13, 2014
The American Heritage Dictionary defines trickster as follows:2. Often Trickster A mischievous or roguish figure in myth or folklore, often an animal, who typically makes up for physical weakness with cunning and subversive humor.Random House Kernerman Webster'...

Andrew Colvin on 'Contract in the Desert'

August 10, 2014
Q&A with Andrew Colvin author of the upcoming new book TheMothman Squeaks.1. So what do you think about this Contact in the Desert convention gig?It's good to see that the filming...

Hauntings: What are 'Intelligent Spirits'?

August 6, 2014
Most of us make the assumption that ghosts and spirits are evil beings that haunt a location to frighten or harm us. Although this may be true of the inhuman spirit, it is generally not true of the intelligent haunt...

Karen Mossey on 'Spooky Creepy New England 2'

August 4, 2014
1. What was your inspiration and motivation behind creating "Spooky Creepy New England 2"?Having been on several new investigations at very interesting paranormal locations I wanted to share these experiences and what better way then to...