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  • Non-invasive spinal cord stimulation can help paralyzed men move their legs
    Non-invasive spinal cord stimulation can help paralyzed men move their legs
    A new non-invasive spinal cord stimulation technique has helped five men with complete paralysis who, with training, were able to move their legs, say researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of California -...
  • Miracle Study
    Spinal implant could be a miracle for the paralyzed
    Researchers have utilized another adaptable insert to permit incapacitated rats to walk once more, making ready new medical technology for individuals with spinal cord damage. The e-Dura insert created by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology...
  • Chihuahua, Scooter, has become disabled after being kicked and stomped on
    Chihuahua is paralyzed after being kicked, stomped on by children
    Newport, Tenn. - The life of an uncared for, starving Chihuahua got much worse after being kicked and stomped on by children. The approximately 7-year-old, male Chihuahua's back may be broken because he has lost the use of his back legs...
  • Capt. Derek Herrera
    Walking with robotic legs, Marine decorated for personal valor in combat
    Captain Derek Herrera, USMC (Retired) vowed he would leave his beloved Corps the same way he came in, on his own two legs. But as reported by KTXL of Sacramento, Calif. on Nov. 23, 2014, and also by the Los Angeles Times on Nov. 22, 2014, the...
  • Bert, the paralyzed dog in China
    Paralyzed dog in China hops and drags his way into hearts of U.S. animal lovers
    After animal rescue advocates in the United States were notified about a partially paralyzed dog in China wandering the streets of Chengdu and desperately looking for food, they were compelled to do whatever they could to transport this dog - now...
  • Bikers attack SUV: Arrest made of biker who caused intitial run in
    Bikers attack SUV: Arrest made of biker who caused bump in video
    A helmet-cam caught a group of bikers attack an SUV in Manhattan Sunday in a horrific case of road rage. The bikers attack resulted in the driver of the SUV being pulled from his vehicle and left beaten and bloody in the road. One of the bikers...
  • Bethenny Frankel's bad Botox
    Was Bethenny Frankel's face paralyzed by bad Botox?
    Bethenny Frankel's frozen face really shouldn't shock anyone since the Botox look is so popular with "Real Housewives" stars, but according to a Sept. 22 report by Reality TV Magazine, some experts believe that the talk show host...
  • Harper
    From a trash bag to a miracle
    Seminole County, FL:Harper, the tiny paralyzed puppy's fate was to be thrown away in a trash bag by her owner. With the help of many wonderful people, she has now proven to be a miracle puppy. Harper is now on the road to recovery.A citizen...
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