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  • Mike Golic Kardashian
    Mike Golic to Kim Kardashian: How's this for a butt of a joke? Viral Golic pose
    Mike Golic, of the ESPN “Mike and Mike” morning show, channeled Kim Karsdashian, or at least funneled her out his rear. After being the loser in a bet with his cohost Mike Greenberg, Golic donned a black plastic bag, dipped ever so...
  • Tissue Paper Crafts
    Tissue Paper Crafts
    Tissue paper has long been a staple of elementary school art projects, but few people think about all of the things it can be used for. This cheap, eco-friendly art material has a variety of uses for both kids and adults. Try out these creative...
  • A collage master shows us how it's done
    A collage master shows us how it's done
    Collagists beware – Chris Corales is in town, and he's not taking any prisoners. Actually, he's back in Philadelphia by now, where he's married to a professional curator, but his work is still with us for the rest of April,...
  • Epson releases its' new line of metallic papers today for photographers
    Epson releases its' new line of metallic papers today for photographers
    According to an Epson press release today"Epson America today introduced the newest additions to its award-winning portfolio of photography media – Metallic Photo Paper Luster and Metallic Photo Paper Glossy. Designed over several years...
  • Scrapbooking
    Over 1000 items for paper crafting at Michael's Stores
    This week you can save at Michael's stores with 1000's of items for your paper crafting needs. Choose from anything you may need for paper crafting, like rubber stamps and shop for roomy crafting storage items have a place to store all of...
  • Woven paper mat
    How to create woven mats out of paper
    Paper woven mats can be useful if you only need them for a short time and you don't want to worry about your mats getting damaged. Examples for their use could be a kids birthday party or craft class. These paper mats can easily be thrown...
  • Epson metallic paper at WPPI 2014 in Las Vegas
    Epson unveils a new line of metallic printer paper at WPPI 2014 in Las Vegas
    Later this monthEpson will release its’ new Metallic line of medium format printer paper. The metallic paper is designed for wedding photographers, portrait studios, event photographers, and creatives. Epson's new line of metallic papers...
  • 10th Annual Paper Fashion Show this Friday
    10th Annual Paper Fashion Show this Friday
    Dresses are made from different materials. Some made out of cotton, other polyester and rayon blend. How about paper? Join Art Director’s Club of Denver (ADCD), 50 creative designers and curious Denverites at the 10th Annual Paper Fashion...
  • Display your wreath
    How to make paper heart wreaths
    Looking for a cute easy way to make wreath for Valentine's Day or just to show your love? Then look no farther.With a few supplies you can make decorations for your home or to give others as gifts.
  • Paper mache
    Paper mache
    Papier mache, or paper mache, as Americans call it, can be easy to make. This material is commonly used to make craft items such as holiday ornaments and figurines. The material is also very economical and eco-friendly, since the material is...
  • Art paper
    Guide to picking art paper
    The type of paper you use for your artwork depends on many factors. Paper comes in all sizes and textures to work in depending on the medium or how it is used. It is important that artists choose the right type of paper to both avoid damaging the...
  • Introducing Paper
    Facebook releases a new app called Paper
    Facebookreleased a new app calledPapera few days ago. The new app is a Facebook replacement app that closely resembles some of the most popular new consumption apps out there, like Flipboard. Paper is the first app fromFacebook Creative Labs, a...
  • Facebook Paper App released!
    Facebook ‘Paper’ released in time for 10 year anniversary
    This morning on February 4, 2014, USA Today provided a rather impressive review of the new Facebook Paper App that was only just launched 24 hours previously. Tech reporter Brett Molina walks users through the new features, step-by-step.This free...
  • Paper
    Two 'Papers,' one belonging to Facebook, fight over the App Store name
    Is this a case of a monolithic corporation beating down on a smallish rival? Facebook'sPaper appwas announced last Thursday and appeared in the App Store on Monday. Unfortunately for confused end users, as BITSnoted, a small Seattle- and New...
  • Facebook's Paper
    Is Facebook's new app Paper a Flipboard killer?
    Today, Facebook released their brand-new news reader app called Paper. When I first heard about what it was, I was a bit skeptical about it. But after downloading it and trying it out for about 15 minutes, I'm actually quite impressed with it....