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  • Halloween party food
    How to make Indian cuisine inspired Halloween treats?
    Halloween is on Oct. 31 which is a Friday this year. This would inspire a lot of people to host Halloween parties, Halloween dress ups etc. Here are a couple of ideas on how to make this Halloween spookier and scarier using some Indian recipes.1....
  • Paneer balls as appetizers
    Vegetizer: Meatless paneer balls
    With the holiday partying behind us, January has more parties in store in the form of Birthdays and special occasions. The weather in Phoenix is still cool enough and hot entrees and appetizers are very much in demand. Most vegetarians and vegans...
  • Baked paneer
    Baked paneer dessert
    During my childhood, we simply gorged on sweets and desserts whenever we visited our hometown in Eastern India. One favorite dessert during these visits was baked paneer. It is very popular in the state of Orissa and called “Chana Pora&rdquo...
  • Paneer and green peas recipe with Indian spices
    Paneer and green peas recipe with Indian spices
    Paneer is a fresh cooking cheese commonly used in Indian cuisine. A great source of protein Paneer does not contain rennet, making it completely lacto-vegetarian. Paneer soaks in flavor whilst being cooked and can be used to make appetizers,...
  • Matar paneer
    Quick and easy paneer entrees for fall cookbook
    Paneer, or Indian cottage cheese is an important source of proteins for many vegetarians. It is low in fat and can easily be digested by children and people with digestive problems. Paneer resembles tofu in consistency. A lot of entrees can be...
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