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  • Palm Sunday
    Day 40 Palm Sunday Lenten Scripture and Meditation: Matthew 21:1-11
    Scripture Reading: Matthew 21:1-11Holy Week is the last week of Lent when we follow Jesus from Palm Sunday tohis death on Good Friday in preparation for His rising from the dead onEaster Sunday. This week is also called Passion Week because of the...
  • queen palm
    Queen palm has only gotten more regal over the past century.
    While Mexican fan palms and Canary Island date palms dominated the palm fad in California during the Victorian period, the queen palm, Syagrus romanzoffiana, was still relatively uncommon. Since then, selective breeding has improved their foliar...
  • Bismarck palm
    Strikingly silvery gray Bismarck palm rivals blue spruce, but on the beach!
    Most palm enthusiasts believe that the distinguished Bismarck palm, Bismarckia nobilis, is rare because it does not like cool winter weather. It can be damaged by frost in winter, and prefers warmer weather in summer. Another concern is that they...
  • Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte
    Walter White Jr. celebrates 21st birthday in Las Vegas
    "Breaking Bad" starRJ Mitte celebrated his 21st birthday in style at the newly remodeled Ghost Bar atop the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.RJ Mitte plays Walter White Jr. on the hit AMC television show. He was accompanied by his mother...
  • Yeezus
    The Top 20(ish) Albums of 2013 Thus Far, Part III
    Well, at long last, we come to the conclusion of our sprawling “Top 20(ish) Albums of 2013 Thus Far” series. Newcomers, completists, and you folks putting off whatever you should actually be doing right now, feel free to check out Part...
  • polytail palm
    Related neither to ponies nor palms, the ponytail palm is an odd character.
    Some succulent plants and their friends do not mind being grown as houseplants. Ponytail palm, Beaucarnea recurvata, is one of those rare friends of succulents that actually prefers to be inside, at least during winter when they can be damaged by...
  • UFC boss Dana White reportedly tips well
    UFC boss Dana White reportedly tips well
    According to an Oct. 29 report from Yahoo! Sports, UFC president Dana White is a very good tipper."He changed people's lives," said one of the sources ... During one two-month hot streak, White tipped dealers more than $100,000,...
  • date palm
    Anyone with enough space and the right style can get a date.
    It seems that recycled large date palms, Phoenix dactylifera, became trendy in the past few decades while vast date orchards around Las Vegas were displaced by urban sprawl. They are stately trees with airy but bold rounded canopies between twenty...
  • acacia dealbata
    Gardens are not as serene as they seem to be.
    Why do forests seem to be so peaceful? Perhaps it is because most of what goes on there happens in slow motion . . . very slow motion. It is difficult to see how violent and competitive the various plants are to each other as they grow. Ironically...
  • Rick Faugno jumping through the air
    The last performance of Rick Faugno at Palms Hotel and Casino
    I was invited to see Rick Faugno’s final performance at the Palms Lounge. To be honest, I had not yet seen his show for two reasons. The first reason was that I was told I couldn’t bring my camera. (It’s a sad excuse, I know.)...
  • Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
    Palm Sunday preaching
    In the Sermon Preparation course at The Way of Life Bible Institute in Richmond, Virginia, students are encouraged to preach according to the Christian calendar.Certainly preachers have free will to preach whatever they want; however, sermons are...
  • Palm Trees
    Planting palm trees in California
    I would like to preface by saying that I have nothing against palm trees. I love them…in the right circumstances: house on the beach, two-story Mediterranean style home with a pool, almost anywhere in San Diego, etc.Now, having said that, I...
  • Las Vegas Academy Awards Show had all sorts of surprises
    The Oscars in Las Vegas
    Las Vegas is one of the few cities that have a sanctioned Academy Awards event. The Las Vegas event has celebrities and a red carpet like Los Angles, but the one in Las Vegas is a benefit for charity.Celebrities walk the red carpet at Brenden...
  • Frankie is ready to party
    All parties must come to an end, or do they?
    I got a tweet asking if I was attending a party. Of course 140 characters gave me no idea what they were talking (tweeting) about. After a few more tweets, I figured out they were talking about Frankie Moreno’s last night at the Palms.Now I...
  • neighbors
    West Los Angeles residents want their palm trees back!
    From NBC Channel 4, the most recent article concerning the mature Canary Island date palms taken from the embankment of the Santa Monica Freeway can be found at:
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