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  • Island Art Party
    Island Art Party
    Island Art Party is continuing to grow their business in Kihei. It's really a fun way to get together with friends and create some art.With straightforward instructions, everyone in the room becomes an artist with a painting they created and...
  • College Student Painting
    In Chicago-land, where can you get acrylic and oil paints?
    Paintings are not paintings unless they contain paint. Artists use acrylic paints or oil paints. Chicago-land has several stores from which painters can purchase these essential materials. (The listings are for Chicago and nearby suburbs.)Blick...
  • Beyond Canvas SF Art Workshop
    Outdoor painting workshops offered in picturesque San Francisco
    On your next trip to San Francisco, come home with the one thing even better than a great photo: a great painting.Many describe the city of San Francisco as "picturesque," but few have the chance to actually paint a picture of it.While...
  • Craig Alan's Miss Prim
    Affordable Art Fair boasts record sales
    The Affordable Art Fair, which took place two weekends ago, March 25-29, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in downtown New York City, recently released their post-fair press release, which boasts that this spring, the fair had it's best edition yet...
  • YOTB020 by Dray Wilmore
    Dray Studio and Gallery Presents, "Year of the Buddha," Beginning April 11, 2015
    Dray is officially opening a new gallery in the center of 18B Las Vegas, April 11 2015 from 6P.M. to 9P.M. His new gallery is located on the second floor of the Arts Factory, perched above Charleston Blvd. The Arts District is grateful for the...
  • Renaissance Splendors of the Northern Italian Courts
    'Renaissance Splendors of the Northern Italian Courts' at the Getty
    Everyone has heard of the Renaissance. For most, this means Florence and Rome, the art of Michelangelo and Leonardo. But the art of the Renaissance was equally present in the courts that spread across Northern Italy - Mantua, Padua, Sienna, Urbino...
  • How to start painting Van Gogh's "Starry Night"
    How to start painting Van Gogh's "Starry Night"
    Maybe one item on your bucket list is to make a painting. Practicing with Van Gogh's Starry Night is a great place to start.
  • Skull Asylum SFX Studio-Shock Artist Giancarlo Brajdic and his wife Shannon
    Skull Asylum SFX Studio and Education Center Grand Opening March 28, 2015
    A new education center is offering state of the art classes in Zombie 101. Sci-Fi, horror and fantasy art has a new home in Largo, the Skull Asylum SFX Studio & Education Center.Giancarlo (Johnny) Brajdic is the Creative Engineer owner of...
  • Charlie
    Devoted owner selling paintings to raise money for dog's cancer treatment
    A Salt Lake City, Utah, man is selling his own paintings in an effort to raise funds to pay for his ailing dog's cancer treatments, reported Friday's KFOR News.The short description on aFacebook page, where many of the beautiful paintings...
  • Ukrainian born painter Luba Stolper to debut works at Art encounter
    Ukrainian born painter Luba Stolper to debut works at Art encounter
    Luba Stolper will debut her private collection of her still life paintings during a reception at the Art encounter gallery on March 26. Art encounter will represent the artist on an exclusive basis.“Luba (Stolper’s) realism is amazing,...
  • Painting a picture of Bobby the cat
    Painting a picture of Bobby the cat
    Would you like to display a painting of your cat?However, iscommissioning an artist to create such a composition fall outside of your budget? People who enjoy dabbling in the arts mightlike painting a portrait of a special feline pet. The cat is...
  • Piece by piece masterpiece: Group painting project
    Piece by piece masterpiece: Group painting project
    If getting to Candy Castle is not as sweet an adventure anymore or your purposefully letting your Jenga tower fall, it might be a good time to mix up your next ‘Family Night.’ Give the board games a rest. Here’s a fun activity...
  • Sunset
    Intersection of art and nature
    Following a glorious sunny day yesterday, it wasn’t surprising to witness a gorgeous sunset last evening. It was a splendid sight evoking spirituality and making one feel humble in the presence of nature. Look again, it wasn’t just...
  • Spring clean your way to greener living
    Spring clean your way to greener living
    Spring cleaning. Do those words bring visions of dust-covered belongings and back-straining tasks to mind? While this may be true for some people, spring cleaning also allows you to de-clutter, refresh, revitalize and de-stress. Greening up your...
  • 49th annual Art Show opens today March 5 and runs through March 15
    Art guild to open 49th annual art show March 5 in Key Largo
    The Art Guild of Purple Isles (AGPI) makes aspiring artists better through three or more painting workshops a year, led by talented artists. In addition, the art guild which is open to anyone interested in the arts, offers monthly opportunities to...
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