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  • Diy welcome to the neighbourhood gift
    Diy welcome to the neighborhood gift
    Dear Marc:We have new neighbors that moved in next door. I would like to bring them something to welcome them to the neighborhood, but I am running out of “welcome to the neighborhood” gift ideas. Do you have a unique idea you can...
  • Slideshow for painted wood and metal boxes
    Slideshow for painted wood and metal boxes
    A slide show showiung the painted wooden boxes and altered metal tin.
  • Painted Box
    Painting metal and wood boxes
    Altering boxes for mini books or miniature vignettes poses a few problems. When working with metal, water based paints will often peal and scar easy. Wood boxes are porous and are difficult to get a good seal and still have a shiny finish. The...
  • Shooting in Fort Worth
    Fort Worth shoot I
    Murals are always a favored subject. Hence, these mural images come from a mural at the barbecue joint at Ridgmar Mall. The mural is relatively small, encompassing only one brick wall. But, it is really neat and nicely done. It has a western theme...
  • Painted wall murals in Fort Worth
    Painted wall murals in Fort Worth I
    Sometimes, you come across a beautifully painted wall mural and you may or may not even notice it. Other times, you go looking for them. Of course, sometimes, you were just out shooting wall murals, so you figure you will leave your camera home...