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  • Ultrapack 7+3
    Ultrapack 7+3 kickstarts Offpiste Gear into the outdoor sports market
    The Ultrapack 7+3 (7 liters + 3 expandable liters) is not an ordinary pack but a modular pack system designed to offer outdoor enthusiasts something to handle not only all their gear but also fit a wide variety of outdoor activities. The first...
  • ArkPak Portable Power Pack
    Portable Power When You Need It: ArkPak Product Review
    Like many in the area, I’m an outdoors enthusiast who is always looking for new products for my adventures. One item I keep looking in to is portable power, but it’s a pain to decipher which type would work best for me. Should I mess...
  • Powerbag Backpack
    Tech Review: Powerbag Backpack
    Everyone needs a backpack at some point whether it’s simply to carry your things to work, storing your gear on short weekend getaways, or for other adventures. A constant problem on such trips is maintaining the battery of your smartphone,...
  • travel the right way
    How to travel right
    For anyone who has ever had to sit on a suitcase, pushing, prodding and begging the zipper to close, arrived at the gate without a ticket, or left their ID in the car, here are some tips in making your travel easy and enjoyable.1. Pack light! You&...
  • Cruising items
    A Cruise Vacationer's Packing List: The Basic Essentials
    Cruising is the most exciting way to travel the world. There are many people who cruise once a year. There are some who cruise often, approximately three times a year. Whether it is the first or fifteenth time, it's always best to go prepared....
  • Metro: Last Light Tower Pack
    Metro: Last Light Tower Pack – Review
    Many developers subscribe to the idea that “horde mode” increases the replay-ability of their respective games. This is only true if the all-too-common “horde mode” has features that set itself apart from the industry...
  • luggage
    5 Quick Rules for Cruise packing
    It doesn’t matter how often packing articles get posted, we always need them. So use these to specifically help you with your next cruise packing to save both space and for convenience.Pack in a collapsible suitcase so you can slide it under...
  • Looking touristy?
    What Do I Pack to Wear?
    If you ever asked that question because you were concerned about looking like a tourist, not fitting in, then read on. Most of the time you find list and few visuals for not looking like a tourist. Here is my recommendation for looking appropriate...
  • The Ribz Chestpack
    The Ribz Chestpack. Simply outstanding!
    Howdy campers. I came across some excellent new gear concepts at this years Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake. It’s a convention that allows gear companies to offer their wares to retailers to add to their inventory. Some of the best items...
  • New Guinea Singing Dog
    Scent-sitivity - Why do dogs roll on dead fish?
    Why do dogs always insist on rolling in the most rotten smelling area they can find? Whether it is a dead fish, a rotting carcass, or just an odoriferous pile of dung, many dogs cherish being as offensive as possible in the perfume department....
  • resized_examiner_leo_article2.jpg
    Behavioral changes and your German Shepherd Dog
    Leonidas, a two year old, high energy GSD after vigorous play time.TNT Images 2009Apparent defiance. Unusual stubbornness. A sense of aloofness from your Shepherd. If you own a Shepherd long enough and you are interacting with him or her on a...
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